Thumb gusset confusion - so close to figuring out these gloves!

Hi everyone. I’m a rather new knitter, and until now I’ve always been able to do some experimenting and get my questions answered out of books… but this time I think a fingerless glove pattern has beaten me!

Below are the instructions that I’m having a hard time understanding:

Round 1: P1, M1L, M1R, P1. These 4 stitches start the gusset. Place marker, work remaining stitches in pattern as established.

Round 2: P1, K2, P1, slip marker, work remaining stitches in pattern as established.

Continue in this manner, increasing 2 stitches on both sides of the gusset every other round, incorporating the increased stitches into the pattern, until you have 26 stitches.

I got through Rounds 1 and 2 ok. But I’ve never seen gusset instructions with just one marker, and I’m not sure how to “increase 2 stitches on both sides of the gusset.” When I get to round 3, do I literally just repeat round 1? That doesn’t seem right. I feel like there are instructions missing here.

Would anyone be able to write out what Round 3 would look like, given the “increase 2 stitches” sentence that is confusing me?

Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it!

Do you have a link to the pattern?

On R 3, when you get to the marker, inc just before it, slip the marker, inc after it as in R 1.

Thanks for your quick response. It’s from a book, and though there isn’t a free version on the web, I think it will work to see it via Google books preview.

Go here:

Type “Silk-merino fingerless gloves”

The first result you should see is from the book “Luxury Yarn One-Skein Wonders”

I think they probably only have a marker on the left because to the right you are beginning a round so there is no good place to put one. The beginning of the round is where the marker is. It sounds like to me that rnd 3 would be: P1, M1L, K2 (or whatever the established pattern is), M1R, P1, slip marker.

In other words you will have the p1 at the beginning and end of the gusset mark where the M1s go. P1, M1L work across to the P1 at the other side and just before it M1R, P1.

I couldn’t find a picture on Amazon, Knitpicks or Google books so I looked on Ravelry. Duh. :doh: Anyway there is errata for the gusset which may help you.

It says:

[B]Silk-Merino Fingerless Gloves[/B]
[B]Page 87 - Knitting the Thumb Gusset

[B]Continue in this manner, increasing [COLOR=#ff0000]1[/COLOR] stitch on [COLOR=#ff0000]each[/COLOR] side of the gusset [COLOR=#ff0000](just inside the purl stitches)[/COLOR] every other round, [COLOR=#ff0000]working[/COLOR] the increased stitches into the cable pattern, until you have 26 gusset stitches.[/B]

I think you’re right, I didn’t notice the marker was placed after the 4 sts on Rnd 1, and thought it was between the incs.

Ah, I would never have thought of looking for errata! The revised language makes so much more sense. So essentially, I P1, M1 at the beginning of the round, continue in the pattern (I have a feeling this is going to look messy, but I’ll try), and then M1, P1 right before the marker.

Thank you for your advice, everyone! I really appreciate it. Now I might actually get to wear these things before winter ends.

You probably could use a marker on both sides, but with the purls there you may not need to which is what I think they were thinking.