Thrummed mittens and mmmmmmmalabrigo

had a thought just now. (don’t worry, i’ll be ok.) :wink:

i have some malabrigo gruesa which is a bulky thick/thin ball of yumminess. i knit a scarf in seed stitch with some of my stash, in a dark burgundy color. i have some of that left, in addition to some apple cinnamon color of the same variety.

i’m wondering if i knit some mittens in the remainder of the burgundy, if i could pull the apple cinnamon apart to resemble roving and use it to thrum the mittens. the yarn itself is very close to roving. it is not plied, nor is it spun very tightly. it wouldn’t take much to work it into what i might need to thrum the mittens.

anyone ever do anything like this? or have thoughts on whether it might work?

I have a friend that does this sort of thing all the time with wool. She’ll need a certain color for roving and she will cut sections of loosely spun yarn and then card them with her carding paddles (for spinning) and then use that for her felting/thrumming.

someone? anyone?

whoops, we were posting at the same time. thank you!

I was about to say, “What am I? Chopped liver?” :smiley:

Ok…what is thrum? I know that word can be used to describe what crickets do when they rub their back legs together to make sound…but…like… :slight_smile: