Thru the back loop?

I have never understood this. Whenever I look at a picture of knitting thru the back loop it always looks like what I do all the time. I knit continental and I always knit thru the back loop. Don’t I?

I don’t know if you knit through the back loop. :?

Check out Amy’s Video on the Knit stitch under basic techniques. Then compare that to this video where Amy knits into the back loop.

I can’t watch the videos. For some reason a 30 second video lasts about 5 min. and there is no picture. I am trying to get the money to buy the cd.

If you’re viewing with Windows Media Player, scroll to the very bottom of the Home tab and look on the left hand side. Amy addresses this issue. Her suggestions might help you.

If you are viewing with Quicktime, you must wait for the bottom bar to be completely grey. If it’s half grey and half white (or whatever other ratio), then the video will only play up until the grey point. You have to wait for it to fully download in order to view the whole video.

It works!! :mrgreen: Thank you so much!

I don’t know about libraries in Idaho, but you might try going to your public library and I wouldn’t be surprised if you can view the videos on the library computers.

Our library is a little larger than my livingroom & kitchen. LoL. they still have dialup too!

If you’re knitting through the back of the loop with the yarn feeding in from the left (continental style), then you’re a “combined knitter”. (For video see: & look at the video for “Combined knitting”).

Western knit stitches are knit through the front of the loop (whether you feed the yarn from the left continental style, or from the right English style).

Eastern knit stitches (“combined” knit stitches") are knit through the back of the loop (whether you feed the yarn from the left continental style, or from the right English style).

Compare the video for the “combined” knit stitch to the video for the continental knit stitch.

That is very interesting. No wonder some directions don’t make any sense! Thank you. I will check it out.