Throw for my mother in law

Kind of just winged this one, knit on size 15 needles:

And how I sent it to her:

It’s hard to tell from the picts did you make strips and then seam them together?

Great job and I’m sure she loved it :yay:

It’s beautiful, she’ll love it! You wrapped it so nicely, too :thumbsup:

Beautiful work ! I am sure she will love it :slight_smile:

That’s pretty. I really like the presentation of the ribbon around it! Nice!

I used the Log Cabin as a starting point, but obviously, modified it beyond recognition. :wink:

I started off with two rectangles as my center piece and then picked up stitches as I went along to create the other stripes. It’s kind of a mix behind the clean lines of a Log Cabin (If you squint really, really hard, you can almost see that:aww: ) and a crazy quilt.

It’s so soft and warm though and the colors are really lovely together. Very neutral and homey.

Love the colors, I like neutrals, browns, tans…she is a very lucky mil!!


Looks comfy!