Throughstone by Bristol Ivy (Craftsy) help

Hello, I am having trouble understanding if I am on the right path with this pattern.I have attached a photo. So I have a k1 in my size highlighted then I p1k1 38 times. I have the steek markers placed. I am alittle confused about:
" *k1p1; rep from * to last 0 stitch" This just means i keep going all the way around. then it says
“k0” but for my total numbers of 327 cast on stitches, it turns out at the end of the rnd I am still having to do that K1 in the beginning. So im seeing a conflict between the ending K0 and K1. I hope I am expressing my confusion clearly. In other words is it correct that I should have that extra k1 in each round? I am uploading a picture in addition to the pattern, though I am unsure if that will make it clear. It ends on 7 stiches, so it ends on a K1, the next round begins on a K1! Thanks in advance! IMG_1626|1200x704

Hello again, I think if I understand, I am supposed to knit together the last stitch and the first one, and then keep going. Is this correct? also I am wondering just for educations sake, if I were to have to do " *k1p1; rep from * to last 1 stitch" what doe that mean compared to last 0 stich (which I read as to last stitch? IIMG_1627|1200x629

You should be able to k1p1 to the end of the round.
K1 is one stitch
(p1,k1) x 38 is 76sts
k10 is 10sts
for a total of 87sts.
That leaves an even number, 240 for the k1p1 to the end. You would end on a purl stitch ready to start the next round.
Go over the round counting the groups of sts to make sure you haven’t missed a stitch or skipped a stitch.

If it said “work k1p1 to the last stitch, k1” that would mean k1p1 and then k1 on the remaining stitch.

Thank you! I appreciate you writing that out, it makes sense.