Throughstone by Bristol Ivy (Craftsy) help


I am confused how to read this pattern. On the video she simply casts on the number, but I want to understand why on the pattern it says K1 and for my size says 0 not 1. I am having a hard time what this means? Would someone mind explaining what 0 means here and this paragraph? The video is relatively easy to follow so far, but it is hard to compare what I am seeing in the written pattern. I appreciate any help. I want to learn to read patterns because there are so few knitalong videos out there. Thanks in advance

With a multi-size pattern like this I highlight or circle every instruction that is associated with the size I am making then it is easier to ignore all the other sizes. Then when you read only the numbers for the size you are making it should make sense. I would also recommend practicing with some scrap yarn and a reduced number of stitches.

K0 does mean to knit zero stitches for your size. So it is like you landed on a “free turn” square of the knitting “board game” and can move on to the next section of the row [p1, k1] repeat for yor size, etc.

Happy knitting to you.

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Thank you, that makes sense. i love the board game analogy!