Thrift store yarn

Hi Everyone,

I always look at the craft aisle in my local thrift store for yarn or whatever.
I got lucky this last week and picked up 10 skeins of Reynolds Utopia in a dark blue for $12. At 225 yds to the skein I’ve got plenty to make a sweater.
I am not familiar with this brand. Has anyone used this yarn before?
I’m assuming someone bought it awhile ago intending to make something and then never did anything with it as I can’t find this particular yarn in any of the sites I’ve checked.

I haven’t used it but it sounds like it’s still available, for example, here. And there is a page on Ravelry as well if you want to see projects and reviews.

I haven’t used it myself, but I’ve never heard a bad word about Reynolds yarn!
As a matter of fact, I think of Reynolds as a high-end yarn. It certainly looks nice!

Thanks to Salmonmac for doing that yarn research for us, and providing the links! :thumbsup:

Checked out the Webs site and underneath it says it’s not available any longer. But as I said no worries as have plenty to make something with what I have.