Thrift store sweaters

ok i got a couple of great sweaters from my local thrift store…i need a little guidance to begin unraveling them…where should i look for a thread to start unraveling? should i cut the seams at the sides? help!

Look at the seam carefully for the stitches that are sewn. They may be slightly thinner than the yarn, or the same as the yarn. At the bottom, you can pull a bit on the two pieces to see if you can see the sts. After they’re taken apart, you take out the BO.

If you want to unkink the yarn, you’re going to essentially want to block it. Unravel the yarn into a skein. Just wrap the yarn around the back of a chair, or swift if you have one, or love one’s hands or similar sized object.

Soak it in some cool water with mild wool detergent. Rinse in same temperature water. Squeeze water out. Wrap it in a bath towel, squeeze once more to get the excess water out.

Hang the skein with a weight on the bottom. I use a filled water spritzer/plant sprayer as my weight. Let it air dry. I usually give it a couple of days. Who needs curtains when you have skeins of lovely yarn to dress your windows:p

Kudos to you for reusing yarn and saving some $$

This is a good link for unraveling a sweater.:slight_smile:

Before you do anything, just make sure your seams aren’t serged as that means cut edges and the yarn can’t be unwound in length (you’ll just get pieces the width of the garment).

I’ve recycled many sweaters (I do cotton, cotton blends) and choose to undo the seams, wash the garment pieces, and then wind into cakes as I unravel. Once in the cake the kinking is eliminated. The first few I opted to skein, rinse, hang (weighted), etc and found I didn’t need to do the extra steps…plus no chance of tangles when winding right from the garment pieces.

Another site with helpful info:


awesome thanks guys…i love this forum…so many questions and just as many answers! :cheering: