Thrift store Find!

I went to a couple of thrift stores today to try and find a fedora-style hat for my son who wants to be Indiana Jones (lol), and though I didn’t have any luck with that, I did find some yarn!

I was really excited to find a HUGE cone of soft gray lace-weight acrylic/mohair blend yarn (60%acrylic/40%mohair, I think), in a bag with a bunch tiny balls of a mystery blue yarn. The bag was marked 2.98, and the tag was the 50% off color of the week, so I paid a whopping $1.49 for it! :woohoo::woot:

I was so happy! But I am wondering now if I was really that lucky. I just got it out to take another look and it seems to break fairly easily~ is that normal for lace weight yarns? Maybe so. I hope so! I really wanted to use it (obviously!) so I’m hoping it isn’t a waste of time to knit. :shrug:

What do y’all think?

You could gently wind it up and use it doubled.


Well, even though I already have an embarrassing number of projects already OTN (lol), I of course had to go ahead and cast on for another using my “new” yarn.
I cast on for EZ’s Stonington Shawl (from Knitting Workshop), and I am happy to report, so far, so good! The yarn has a pretty sheen to it, a lovely,silvery gray, and is holding up fine.

I am so excited!! Woo~hoo!! :teehee: I see lots of happy :knitting: ahead~there is a TON of this stuff! Well, definitely a few pounds, anyway :happydance:

It is very lightweight, and maybe I will try doubling it for the next project from it~thanks for the idea, suzeeq!