Three yarns stores in 24 hours?!

Okay…we have no yarn stores near us. We don’t…unless you want to count the JoAnns in town (with their dirty, small yarn sampling) or the Michael’s 45 minutes away.

Well, I am going up north tonight and there is not only a highly recommended yarn store (that supposedly sells the Mmmmm…) on the way, but there is another store less than 2 minutes from my hotel.

And I was all excited about going to snow fest this weekend, because there is a great bead store (I want to embellish some of the purses I am selling) and I just found out that they have opened up a yarn store almost next door to it!

Now the question is…do I really try to hit all three stores with my adorable 4 year old dd? Or do I pick and choose? Hmmmmn…The one on the way up north has the mmmmm…BUT they are a “craft store”…they sell scrapbooking supplies as well. They may not have a large selection. The one up north is only yarn…and would be great to hit when we go to dinner. BUT they do not carry the mmmm…which is what I have just spent the last 2 weeks trying to order online, with no luck.

Or do I just sit on my hands and say…no, we are probably going to Frankenmuth for snow fest and I can hit that yarn store then?


I say go to all three and the bead store. I live in a small town (pop. 677) and our nearest Joann’s is also small with a lousy yarn selection.

Hey, I’ve been to Frankenmuth! I lived in Ann Arbor for a few years and we met some friends from Flint there for there famous chicken dinners.

I say you do all three, but wait to do the one with Mmmmm until the way back since it’s also a craft store. Actually…just go to all of them- no point in depriving yourself!

I am actually thinking of hitting the one up north…because the one on the way is only like 25 minutes away from home. I never ever go to that town, but if I want to go to the store, it’s not a major imposition.

And dh has to promise that we can go to Frankenmuth this weekend.

I would have no problem spending all weekend in the yarn stores …but dd will be with me. She is just small enough that I have to keep an eye on her every second, and just big enough to make me pay if she gets too bored.:wink:

I realize I am being a little selfish…but I know that I won’t enjoy my random yarn fondling if she is walking right behind me saying over and over and over, “Mommy…are you almost done? Are you done yet? Are you done yet? Are you ALMOST done?” For the sake of my own sanity, I should probably really consider which stores I want to go to.



4 year old will suvive!

I totally understand where you’re coming from. Besides Michael’s and A.C Moore, the nearest yarn store is about 30 minutes away and it’s more for needlepoint and such anyway. Or I’d have to drive over an hour to get to the next, and with two kids under the age or three (who both walk and run and ignore me in stores:eyes:) that is just not happening. I end up ordering most of yarn online based on what people here have enjoyed using, especially the Mmmmm. cloud9

Honestly, you’ve got me all curious now with this store and that store and no names so I can’t figure out if these are a) stores I already know or b) stores too far away from me to consider. :rofl:

It’s probably just as well that I’m in the dark. I already have six “local” stores on my “want to check out” list. :blush:

Oh, and my four year old actually enjoys the yarn store, although I spent a lot of time saying, “Please don’t touch that” and “Leave that alone” and “Don’t climb on that.” He’s very hands-on and is a little too fond of touching everything. :slight_smile:

I say hit all three! I would just bring along a book or crayons or a toy or something to keep your DD distracted while you fondle yarn. DO IT. You know you want to! :slight_smile:

our joanns is soo bad, they dont even have the junky caron! :noway:

Are you going to the snow festival w/ only you and your daughter? No husband also going along?

IF he is going along… can’t you do some shopping one time… while he and daughter are getting a snack? A meal? Or while she is taking a nap (and your husband watches her for an hour?) Because… it sounds like one place is very close to the hotel and that one would be easy to do-- if daugher and daddy are doing bathtime, reading a book, or even watching some tv for an hour… while mommy goes downstairs and goes to the close to the hotel yarn shop.

The other two… could be do-able too. Bring along a new toy- of some sort that she can play w/ when you go to one store.

Now, if you are alone w/ your daughter for the trip. It might be a littler harder to hit all 3… but, you could probably at LEAST GO INSIDE to see if there is anything worth buying. I can tell that in a minute. :smiley:

But, all in all… if your husband is also going on the trip w/ you and your daughter. I don’t think it will be that hard for him to ‘help entertain’ her for at least 30 minutes? Right? Especially, if once you get to one of the yarn stores and there is something else to ‘do’ closeby. A place to get a snack? A place to watch birds on the street and feed them bread? Play puppets while sitting in a chair?