Three WsIP!

I have several things on the needles that I am actively working on right now.

Silver’s Palindrome Hat in Plymouth Encore for DH. He picked out the pattern and color. I must have frogged this thing 5 times before I was happy. The ribbing just wasn’t cutting it. That loose stitch between the knit and purl was driving me nuts. I finally worked out a method that worked for me so I can live with it. I kind of wish that the cables were centered (for my picky side), but that is the nature of the pattern. (It’s not obvious till it’s stretched out like on a head)

My fraternal socks made with Trekking XXL, size 1 and 0 needles. I split the yarn by weight and one ball seems to have more of the coral color so I’ve had to switch the balls. I may have to do it again. We’ll see.

And finally my One Row Scarf from Yarn Harlot. It’s in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted. I want to make a sweater with this yarn, but I am so sensitive to wool that I decided to make a scarf before I commit to buying a sweaters worth. So far it feels nice, but my neck will be the deciding factor. This is a super easy and mindless pattern!

Everything looks great Jan!!!

they look great…I love the “fraternal” socks…:slight_smile:

What beautiful yarn!!! I wanna go yarn shopping with you next time!!! :inlove:

Looks great!

I love the socks Jan! And the colors are falling so well on the scarf. Very pretty.

I like your husbands pick for his hat. It’s looking good.

Socks are more fun when they don’t look just alike. A lot less boring to knit too. I see you are doing the socks at the same time. Are they each on their own Magic Loop needle?

Nice yarn and stitch on the scarf too.

Go Jan! I really liked the socks! And the hat is turning out really beautiful…

Everything looks great. Love all the yarn choices.

Look great Jan! I absolutely LOVE that sock yarn.

:woohoo: Everything looks great!!

The hat is lovely and such a rich colour…The socks are fabulous…dont you just love knitting socks?

I am doing them each on two needles. I like doing them this way best and doing both at once… no SSS! :teehee:

Thanks to everyone!

:muah:they are all gorgeous! I kinda like the “fraternal” socks, they’re more unique :stuck_out_tongue:

I love the color your using on the hat, and the scarf too!

Sign me up for another one who loves the sock yarn. Of cours, everything of yours looks fantastic. :muah:

I love them all!! they all looks great!!

Beautiful - all of them!! Ditto on the gorgeous rich color of the hat … love the differences in the socks too. So, how do you do both of them at the same time on different needles? Just switch back and forth? Do you do a certain number of rows on one and then pick the other one up, or do you do a section at a time? Sorry for the questions, I just want to gather all the information I can before starting my first pair. :slight_smile:

Everything looks great, but I am in love with that sock yarn!! That is just gorgeous!

Everything looks great! You have wonderful taste in yarn. Those socks are going to be beautiful, and I love the color of the hat! Very nice work.

I use the two circular needle method which requires two sets of circs. I bought 4 size one needles so each sock is on it’s own two sets. I have each one in it’s own ziploc just so I don’t get them all tangled in my bag and which one I’m knitting on depends on which one I grab first mostly. :wink: If I were only grabbing one all the time I’d probably switch them out to give them equal time.

BTW - There are 3 methods for knitting small diameter items like socks: Magic Loop which uses one long circular, DPNs, and two circular needles. There are videos of all three methods in the KH video section. :wink: