Three-strand cast-on

I am getting ready to work on these here
and kinda confused on the cast on. It says

[B]Three-strand cast-on[/B]
Leaving a tail of approx 12 inches if you plan to braid the cast-on strands, hold two strands of MC and one strand of CC together; make a slip knot to begin the CO – this slip knot is not counted as a stitch. Use all three strands in the CO, holding CC in the left hand and the two strands of MC in the right hand. Place the slip knot on a double-pointed needle and [U]form a loop of CC around the left thumb; pick up the thumb loop with tip of the needle; use one of the strands of MC to work a twined knit stitch; drop the loop off the thumb and snug the stitch to the needle[/U], 1 st CO. Cont in this manner, alternating the two strands of MC between each st CO. Always bring the back strand over the front strand as usual for twined knitting. Repeat twined CO until you have 60[66, 72] sts. Remove the slip knot and join for working in the round.

so basically im doing a long tail cast on but with the CC over my thumb and MC (2 strands) over my index and alternating the MC’s in the twined manner…right??

As always ThanX to everybody.

That’s how I read it.

Thats how i did it and it worked perfectly. ThanX.