Three Needle Bindoff

I have a couple questions re 3NBO:

I’m going to do 3NBO on a sweater where the pattern is written to bind off the top shoulder seams, then sew them together. I have the same number of stitches on the front and back right before what should be the bindoff row but the left back shoulder working yarn is at the shoulder edge and the left front shoulder working yarn is at the neck edge. Would you suggest doing one more row so I end up with both working yarns at the same edge, then use BOTH yarns together to bind off? (One row is less than a quarter inch, so it won’t change the sizing). Or should I just use one strand to bind off?

Is it better to bind off from neck edge to shoulder edge (this is what I think) or from shoulder edge toward the neck edge. I think the bindoff tail will be easier to weave in at the shoulder edge when I set in the sleeves.

Thanks for your help .


Were it me, I’d use just one yarn strand to do the 3NBO, just to keep the seam from getting too bulky. Might also depend on the yarn.

As to which direction to bind off, again I consider the bulk that might be created. I might do shoulder to neck because I hate doing set in sleeves and wrestle with getting the seams as smooth as I’d like.


I would also use only one yarn to bind off to avoid a bulky seam inside. I really don’t think it matters too much where you start the bind off from. I generally start from the shoulder end so I’m positive that I haven’t miscounted and end up with an extra stitch there.


Using only one yarn to bo will make it easier I’m sure