Three needle bind-off

I have a pattern for mittens that calls for the wristband part of the pattern to be knit crossways and bound off. Then you pick up the stitches for the mitten portion and knit lengthwise on straight needles. The entire sideseam (wrist and mitten) is then sewn shut. I’d like to modify the pattern to get rid of all the seaming. Is there any reason I couldn’t knit the wrist portion of the pattern and three needle bind-off the end to the beginning so that my seam is already taken care of? I’m then thinking that I can then pick up the stitches I would normally pick up for the mitten part with circular needles and, by knitting in the round, could eliminate the remainder of the side seam. If this is doable, the project would look so much nicer as I can’t seem to seam a decent looking seam.

Yep, you’d definitely eliminate the seam on the mitten part by knitting it in the round.

I’ve done that–knitting the wrist and then picking up stitches for the hand. It works out well.:thumbsup: