Three months!

Do you know where your Christmas projects stand? Will they be complete???

In an effort to save me the stress of pre-Christmas plans, I’ve decided to let things happen or not. I remember last year how relieved I was to get back to MY knitting. For my family, I can knit them stuff anytime of the year. When I make it ‘for Christmas’ I feel like I’m on a deadline and begin to resent the project.

So, I’ll do what I want, when I want! So there, Christmas list!! :rofling:

:cheering: I’m free!!! (except for those few things. . . . . :rollseyes: )

Everyone is getting a scarf! Quick, easy, and not all that expensive. Only 3 more & I’m DONE. ((My niece is getting my latest Teddy Bear))

I’m not knitting for Christmas, since I’ve been knitting I’ve knit for others…of which I love!!! But, now, I have made a vow (have a knitting buddy watching to see that I keep it :wink: ) that I am knitting for Lonnie and me. It was a very ‘soothing’ decision after just doing afghans for wedding gifts & right after the KP socks & several other projects with deadlines, so I feel very good about the decision :D.
I agree with Ingrid, can and do knit for family any time & all of the time, so not for Christmas this year :smiley: .
Glen, scarves are always a winner! And teddy bears are way too sweet, love it!
What about you, kitkat, are you knitting for Christmas, are you feeling rushed or are you on schedule?

uhhhhh… I’ve just begun, and have a LONNNNG ways to go :|.

am working on the first blanket, pic in my blog thread. 1 more blanket the same size to go.
have WOTA but haven’t started the 5 pairs of cloggies yet.
still have to buy Kureyon and Cascade for a bag.

If I can do 1 foot of blanket per week I think I’ll be doing good. big IF there tho :|.

the cloggies should be fast. but we’ll see how well they fit.

I’m too busy knitting baby gifts to worry about Christmas gifts. I’ll buy gifts this year. Besides, I like to keep them guessing at what they’ll get. lol

I have several different lists:

Will do for shore:
Scarves for SIL and SM (one with Divine, one with this funky stuff)
Felted bag for son’s girlfriend
Quicky scarves for 4 girlfriends (fun fur type stuff)

If I get around to it:
Mini poncho/shawl/shrug for Mom ( I have funky stuff for 3 of these)

Dream projects:
felted clogs for the boys (I am shooting for valentines day for those)
Mini poncho/shrug/shawl for SIL and SM

One year I decided to do bed spread size quilts for my two sons and my exboyfriends son. Huge mistake…I did all three in the same pattern. Way too much of the same thing. The next year I decided to do lapquilts for my 5 nieces and nephews. I brilliantly started THOSE on Thanksgiving weekend. I did them in various flannels. (these are all teenagers). 3 of them got them complete, and the other two were completed but not quilted. Both of those sets of projects were just too much pressure. The truth is, I haven’t really quilted since (it was almost two years ago) because I was fried from it. So now I think small dream bigger :XX:

umm… I’m suppose to be knitting for gifts but well ummm… I keep getting side tracked with other things LOL

Mom’s is done
Dad a hat and scarf
Dh the same as dad
My brother same as dad
My grandmother a shawl
DH’s grandmother a shawl ~ Its on the needles
Dh’s grandmother ???
My Grandfather a scarf
My stepgrandfather a scarf
My SIL not sure yet since she just came became that…

I think thats all and what am I working on right now A HANDBAG do ya see it in the list??? LOL :happydance:

One pair of FT clogs down, 14 to go, plus I need to finish a DK hat and a “scrunchable scarf”…

Kelly are you SERIOUSLY going to do 14 of them, BY DECEMBER 25th??? HELLO, MCFLY!!!

Once I master the clogs which most likely won’t happen until after the big day I figure those could be next year’s niece/nephew gift, but only if I start them early! In the meantime, I filled tote bags with scarf yarn and the appropriate needles so that I can have those projects going on the go.

I am totally terrified by your lists! I was thinking mine is long, but it is teeny tiny compared to yours guyses.

cardigan for neice - bought yarn for
scarf for sister - bought yarn for
scarf for brother
hat for DH

You can see that I’m farther along than I thought. I actually bought yarn for 2 projects already! :o And my niece isn’t even a year old, so I’m thinking/hoping/praying that one doesn’t take too long.

The hat for DH and scarf for my brother are still in the planning stages. I know what I want to make and that’s about it.

A cardigan is a big project IMO!

I WAS going to do scarves for everyone, but seeing as it’s almost October and I only have almost 2 done and there are …1,2,3…10 people to make them for!!! :rollseyes: Don’t think so…I might make some tuques for the guys, which should go faster. Maybe some more clogs, cause those are going quickly…ah, to heck with it…I’m going to bed until New Years…

My sistah!!!

:roflhard: Several pairs are childrens’ sizes…I knit the XS in two days. You guys can decide if Im optimistic or just CRAZY! :roflhard:

I am getting ing over my head with the Christmas presents, I’m afraid!! I am making a sweater for one of my best girlfriends- short sleeved, but a sweater, nonetheless!! I have the back done but jusst strstarted the front. After that is done, I want to make another one in a different color for another friend. I have the pattern and yarn for a sweater that I want to mek for my sister, and I just started FT clogs for my sister today!! Now, compared to someone’s big list (I won’t mention her by name :wink: ) my list isn’t that big, but I’m hoping to be able to get everything done in time! :smiley:

I have less than 3 months! ekkks.

I’m visiting family the first two weeks of November in MI, OH, and WI. So I’m busting out some presents by then.

Two scarves for my Grandma…one is finished, made out of Divine…the other is out of Homepsun. Also have some dishcloths for her.

Divine scarf for Mom.

Twister scarf for Niece.

Homespun scarf for Sister.

Divine scarf for ME.

Hat for brother.

Patons Allure scarf for Aunt.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh…I’m getting ready to pull my hair out. :roflhard:

I’m knitting up 3 mini ipod covers and a couple of pairs of socks…

everyone else is getting Myer vouchers (department store)

I pared my list down a lot… I was going to do some sweaters for evryone, but I haven’t even bought the yarn yet :rollseyes: so those are scrapped. DH will probably be getting a bulky knit Flyer’s blankie (if I can find bulky yarn in orange, black and white), I have 1 scarf done and two on needles, kids are getting socks and/or slippers, and have a bunch more scarves planned - - - the hardest ones are my family in FL, they don’t really need scarves, or hats, or anything like that! So I have to get creative… :thinking:

Susan, what pattern is the Twister scarf? Is that the one from Patons site??? I need to make a scarf for SM, its kind of a funky yarn, but not fluffy, not sure what I am going to do with it…