Three Knitters

Yonked this question from Yarn Harlot’s blog…

If you could invite three knitters, dead or alive, to a dinner party - Who would you invite?

Angela, Angelia, and Andrea! :cheering: :roflhard:

… I don’t know that many knitters…

I guess my gaga (great gradma) because you said we could invite someone dead… I think she knitted :thinking: . Anyway I would also invite my freind Norine and… i dunno, maybe my other aquantance.

There aren’t very many knitters where I live (H.I.) because people like to crochet. Us knitters are seriously outnumberd :rollseyes:

Hmmm, so many good choices.

Elizabeth Zimmermann
Kaffe Fassett (though I may have to talk quilts and fabric with him)

this last one was hard - someone ‘lace-y’, ‘patternish’, ‘fast and chatty’???

finally decided on Teva Durham for out of the box knitting

Oh, and I was just going for BIG names. If we’re talking my favorite bloggers, that’s a whole nuther list. And don’t hold me to this one - I have another list already forming in my mind. :smiley:

In her blog I said…

Elizabeth Zimmerman
Alice Starmore
Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

Judy Chicago

Xenobia Bailey

And that woman that plans on knitting a little bit for the rest of her life on the same piece and she drags it around to galleries and sits there knitting. I read about her in KNitty once.

And maybe Elizabeth Zimmerman too (and Barbara Walker)

And my grandmas

Hmmm… i don’t know many knitters (hence my dependency here!) :slight_smile:

1.) I’d invite my grandmother who suffered severe brain damage when i was 5 so i didn’t really know her (even though she didn’t pass away until i was 17). My mom says she used to knit. I’d love to talk to her - about anything, really.

2.) My friend in the UK who taught me how to knit. She is an amazing friend and always lovely company!

3.) Our beloved AMY who inspires me to knit every day through this site (even though she doesn’t know me from Eve!). I’m sure she’d be a wealth of wonderful conversational topics!

Three amazingly compassionate, interesting and smart women… That would be wonderful knitting group/dinner party! :XX: :XX: :XX:

-hh :XX:

P.S. If my UK friend couldn’t make it (since she travels the world a lot! Lucky!) then i’d invite Julia Roberts, especially now that she’s not all Hollywood-focused. I’m sure she’d have some interesting stories!

Ingrid. (hate to embarass you, but if I’m ever up that way, lunch would be fun!)

The designer that started Fiber Trends.

And Zimmermans daughter. What is her name?

I am so glad you brought this up. My grandma has that disease where you forget everything (apparantly it runs in my blood), or maybe that has something to do with having kids. Anyway I think Im going to put a knitting bag together for her. I wonder if she remembers how. My first knitting book was a book from her collection.

Her name’s Meg Swansen. I want to go to one of her knitting camps or a retreat.

And your grandma might - Typically people forget the most recent things before they forget things further in the past.

I don’t even remember her knitting, and I’m in my early thirties. I do remember her crocheting and brushing my hair when I was about 5. I would love it if she remembered who I was when I came to see her. And maybe sharing knitting or crocheting would make that happen. :slight_smile: Thank you Aidan.

Awww, this is fun.

I would invite my Grampmiss him so much, Sally Melville & Debbie Bliss.

Rhy :thumbsup:

ooo good question!

Nicky Epstein
That chick who runs Knitty

Only three??!! How could I choose when we have 4500+ members now on KH?!

Hmmm … I wonder if Albert Einstein ever knitted. I’ve always wanted to sit down and chat with him.