Three FOs (With Pics)

i realized that I had a few FOs lying around the house, and so I decided to post them. The scarf and hat are pretty recent, but the armwarmers are pretty old.
Hope you enjoy!

This was “Ruffles” from Scarf Style. I used to yarn suggested (I think it was Cascade something…) and it was super soft! The only thing is, being cotton and tencel, the scarf isn’t very warm for this time of the year…

This hat I made for the Seamen’s Institute as a church project. It was a pain knitting with acrylic yarn and plastic needles, but since it was a charity project, I guess it was worth it.

These weren’t that hard, and they took me about two days, but i messed up the thumb.I picked up the stitches backwards, so now the thumbs are inside out :doh:

I like your ruffle scarf, its really cute. What kind of yarn did you use for the gloves? it looks yummy!

Hmmm… Time to dig it out of my stash :teehee:
I used Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky in Monterey Bay. It is 100% baby alpaca…yummy! :muah:

cute–I especially love the scarf!

[color=indigo]That’s a great scarf. Which pattern is it?


It’s called “Ruffles” from Scarf Style. I actually lost the pattern a while ago ( :aww: ), so I posted a topic on another forum (before I was part of this one! :happydance: ) asking for the pattern and someone posted it for me. I’m not sure if we’re allowed to post patterns, otherwise I would post it for you :shrug: .

Nice work! The scarf is so cute!!! & arm warmers look so warm!! I just made a pair for my daughter. I will snap a picture next time she wears them!