Three finished objects

Here are some things I have finished recently.

The first are mittens made with Lambs pride worsted, this was left over yarn from my booga bag I made last summer. I had worn these around for about a month before I took the photo, they are holding up well.

The scarf is based on the Baby Genius Burp Cloth in the Mason Dixon book. Kay Gardiner posted similar ones she made on her Mason Dixon Blog and I copied her. I used Wild Lilac in the Lambs Pride Worsted 1 skein, and 2 skeins Noro Silk Garden #224. In the pattern you alternate colors every two rows. With the Noro’s color changes it made lovely combinations and was fun to knit.

And last is a hat from the book Knitting For Peace. The green is Lambs Pride and the Brown is Mission Falls. I’m going to send this to afghans for Afghans. They say on their site that green is a much appreciated color.

Thanks for looking, Amy

Wow newamy, those look GREAT!!! The mittens and scarf are SO gorgeous, and the hat is SUCH a unique design!! Great job!!! :cheering:

Those are beautiful!

[color=indigo]WOW, Amy! :cheering: All three are fantastic, chere. :notworthy:

I might have to give that scarf a try. What stitch is that?


I love the hat. It looks like a dairy queen ice cream cone!


Lovin’ the charity hat~ awesome~~!!

[color=blue]I’m loving those mittens :heart:. Everything looks great! :cheering:


Wonderful job on everything unfortunately I must have that hat lol

Agree with you on the hat
its a must have!

:cheering: :cheering: ooh, oooohh! DIBS on the scarf! GORGEOUS!!


Ohhh :noway: The hat! The hat is simply GORGEOUS!! :inlove:
I wish I were able to knit a hat like that :pout: … but I don’t even know how it’s done, besides I’m not that good to knit something as good as amy’s! :notworthy:

Thanks for all the nice comments.

For those coveting the hat, the one I made fits a toddler sized head. There is a larger size but I think it would fit an older child. It would be easy to adapt the pattern for an adult head.

The stripes are knitted flat where increases are made on one side and decreases on the other. Then you end up with a trapezoid, attach a brim to one side and seam up. It really isn’t that hard but knowing how to pick up stitches and seam is helpful. The pom pom is pretty much required because the edge at the top when it’s made into a hat looks kind of funky after it’s drawn together; the pom pom hides the flaws.The pattern is in Knitting For Peace, which is quite a nice little book.

those are great–I love the knitting for peace book!