Three fantastic cast-ons from KDTV-DVD Series 300!

[B]In the Knitting Daily DVD, Series 300[/B]…I learned 3 new cast-ons that I have to share with you! I knit up some samples, and here they are, in 3 different posts below.

[B]In show 303: ‘Making It Reversible’: The [U]Reversible Cast-On[/U][/B]

[B]The benefit:[/B] keeping your ribbing in mind, let’s say it’s going to be 3x3 ribbing, you will cast on your stitches as 3 knits, 3 purls, 3 knits, 3 purls…etc. There is not a WS to this cast-on…and your ribbing knits will blend with your cast-on knits; your ribbing purls with blend with your cast-on purls. Here is a swatch of each, with the Reversibly cast-on swatch uppermost on the green paper:

[B]ABOVE:[/B] I am pointing out that the Long-Tail cast-on puts ‘knits’ all the
way across the row, below all the Purl 3 ribs, and the Knit 3 ribs.

[B]ABOVE:[/B] See where I’m pointing on the Reversibly Cast-On swatch?
Notice that Purls meet Purls, Knits Meet Knits. It’s a seamless transition
up into your ribbing.

[B]ABOVE: [/B]the swatches are now turned over to the “WS” of each.

[B]Note: [/B]the [U]Reversibly Cast-On[/U] swatch is the same as it was for the RS. Purls meet purls,
and knits meet knits.
[B]Note:[/B] the [U]Long-Tail Cast-On[/U] swatch [U]has purl bumps [I]below ALL[/I] the stitches across the row,[/U]
making for a somewhat clumsy transition.

you said, there were 3 cast ons: The reversible one I have seen before - and yes: VERY neat! it will definitely have its moments in my knitting.
Right, you “just” made that by working long tail cast on “the right way” around with the thumb loop and then the “wrong way around” with a index finger loop", yes? That is how I got to know this effect.

But 2 more fantastic cast ons? I want to know them alllllllllll… what do the other ones produce? I do not know if you can share the technique, but if you share the outcome that will be ok. So that we know if we need to learn, or not (well, we certainly do need to learn it alllllll) Maybe they have a name we can find them by?

I would love to hear more!

[B]In Series 300/Show 307: “Go Global”[/B]: [U][B]Twisted German Cast-on[/B][/U]
The Benefit:[/B]
The Twisted German Cast-On is stretchier and sturdier. It’s very nice for the cuffs of top-down socks. This cast-on has more fiber in it, rendering it more sturdy and more stretchy.
BELOW: [I]Side A[/I][/B]

[B]BELOW: [I]Side B[/I][/B]

NOTE: German Twisted cast-on is demonstrated hereat KH, too! Look
in our FREE cast-on videos.

[B]In Series 300/Show 307: “Go Global”: The [U]Channel Island Cast-On[/U][/B]

[B]The Benefit:
[/B]Obviously, the very edge of the cast-on creates a natural picot edge! Also, if you will be working 1x1 ribbing just above the Channel Island Cast-On, it is particularly seamless, and beautiful!
BELOW:[/B] This is what it looks like, just after the casting on. No rows are as yet worked!

[B]BELOW: [/B]This is a swatch showing how 1x1 ribbing looks with the
Channel Island Cast-on! The picot edge is ‘built-in’!

One of our KH members is quite an [U]excellent sweater designer[/U], having designed
and knit most of the 80 sweaters she’s knit for her family! [B]MerigoldinWa (aka Judy)[/B]
has just recently designed and knit a Gansey Pullover for her dear husband, Tom.
[U]Judy used the Channel Island cast-on for Tom’s gansey[/U]!

This cast-on was developed and used by gansey knitters of yesteryear, and I’m so happy to see it making an appearance on our Knitting Help Forum! Click here to see her design in our Whatcha Knitting forum! She includes additional information about it’s development on her Ravelry project page as well! [I] [COLOR=Blue]It’s worth taking time to read![/COLOR][/I]

No, not at all what you described…I don’t think. Not sure.

I had to watch the DVD over and over to ‘get it’. Firstly, just watching Eunny Jang do it…then trying to do it myself…then flubbing it royally…then watching Eunny again…then trying to do it myself…and I FINALLY GOT IT!

[B]It isn’t hard at all…but it’s just new. [/B] :thumbsup:

Oh, thanks!
That Channel Island one I instantly searched out (Eunny’s video on youtube) and am totally convinced that I will use that soon! Great idea!

With the first cast on… I was pretty sure that I got it right. Maybe I just explain it wrong… I am doing a long tail with a longer than normal tail, and one stitch set I do regular, then the next I work by poking through the loop on the index finger, not the thumb… well, I will just go and look at the videos again!

The German twisted should be my thing: I am German, I am twisted… but I always thought it was too much effort for no gain. Maybe I should give that one another try as well.

Thanks for sharing those all with us!
I will go back to all 3 and practice to have a larger arsenal to dive into when needed…

and every projects begins with a cast on, so you should know all your options ahead of time.

The German Twisted CO is on our cast on page here too. Some also call it the Old Norwegian CO.

Thanks for sharing ArtLady!

Thank for the FYI, Sue! I had looked for these 3 cast-ons in our KH videos…and didn’t find any of them :think:…[I]til today! [/I]

[I]You’re right[/I]…there’s the German Twisted cast-on! :knitting:

So I’ve added a link to KH’s German Twisted cast-on in my post!

I’d like to add a link for this, as well:

Here I found Eunny Jang explaining the Channel Island Cast on:


The German cast on is the one I learned from a Japanese woman when we lived in Augsburg, Germany. Never in a million years can I teach it to anyone because I’m a lefty (hand-wise only) and confuse the heck out of my right handed friends.

Thanks for the explanations, Dollyce.

Wow, time flies!

I’m casting on for a 3x2 ribbed cardigan tonight, the Eadon. I need to brush up on my “reversible cast on”. I think it will look much better along the bottom edge.

My brain being mostly fried these days, I couldn’t remember which KDTV the reversible cast on was shown on! Then I remembered this thread! Never dreamt I’d be the one needing the refresher course! :teehee: