Three Bears and Feather and Fan

Here is a picture of three bears I made just before I shipped them off to the mother bear bear project. There is a Knit-a-long for this in the KAL section. I also got a really nice thank you note from the organization so I know the bears got there.

Also I am making a Feather and Fan Throw for a friend for a wedding gift. It is in Plymouth Encore worsted wt. I want it to be somewhat durable and machine washable because she has 2 boys and the man she is marrying has a teen age son. But I want it to be lacy because obviously her household will need more feminine influence. I took it off the needles a week ago to look at it spread out. It is further along now than this picture shows. It is 46" wide and I expect it to be 5 feet long.

Thanks for looking.

Aaawwww. The bears are cute and the F&F afghan will be gorgeous.

those look great! The feather and fan is coming along nicely!

Those bears are soooooooooooo cute. Great job!!! :cheering:

That afghan looks beautiful as well!!

Those bears!!! :inlove: What kind of yarn did you use? It looks a lot softer than what I was using! :!!!: :teehee:

That is a gorgeous shawl, too!

Jan, On the purple bear I just used sugar and cream cotton I had on hand. On the other two I used Mission Falls Super Wash Wool. I love that yarn. It just knits so nice and looks better knit than it does on the skein. It is kind of expensive for the amount you get- but so far I have just used it for small things like these bears and some mittens and hats. Seems like one can justify price if bought in small quantities.

Thanks for the comments.

The blanket looks like it will be gorgeous!

Your bears are very sweet too – they look great. :slight_smile:

They ALL look gorgeous!! What cute little bears! :muah:

And I always love feather and fan anything :teehee:

Do you know if mission falls superwash holds up well? I used some KP superwash and I am not sure its going to hold up; but then again I used it on my 6 yr old son’s mittens… I don’t that ANYTHING can stand up to little boys :shrug: :mrgreen: LOL

Any way, great job!

Those bears are so adorable and for such a good cause! :heart:

That blanket is just STUNNING! Your friend will cherish it so much!

Do you know if mission falls superwash holds up well?

My son had ankle surgery in December and when he came home I knitted him a cast cozy out of some Mission Falls Superwash- Because I had it, it was warm, and it was washable. I did it in two days flat. It did not get washed regularly. And I just sort of made it without a pattern. It did pill. And it did look better after a wash. And toward the end of it’s use it did get a hole- but this was right in the area where he would let his toes drag along the floor. I thought considering this was on his foot, stretched around a rough cast- which isn’t going to be gentle on any fabric- and that it was on a careless boy, and worn almost daily, that it held up fairly well- Normally you aren’t going to drag a garment under your foot and the hole could have been partly due to a loose stitch. I would say if your wear something normally and “responsibly” out of the Mission Falls it should hold up.

Your bears are as adorable as always! The feather and fan is beautiful

Ohhh! :heart: I love these cute bears! :inlove:

I also like the green lacy afgan! It looks beautiful already! :notworthy: