Threadless Knitting Tee

I had to give this one a 5! :smiley:

Oh my god amazing!!!

I love threadless. :slight_smile:

I’ve never heard of threadless!!!

Beware the addiction that is threadless!

haha! I have 4 shirts from last summer and then I had to lock up my visa because it was getting out of hand.

But when you can get such great sales… it’s soooo hard!

haha, I am wearing a threadless tee in my avatar! this one

cool–I had never heard of Threadless either…I gave that shirt a 5 too…I’d love to order one but dh would kill me–he owns a screen printing shop and it’s amazing what the mark up on t-shirts is…he’s always trying to convince me to come up w/ good ideas so he can print shirts for me instead of buying everyone else’s ideas…I guess I’m just not that creative! :shrug:

I got my DH hooked by buying him this shirt for Christmas…he can spend a whooole lotta time staring at the screen, rating tees :roflhard: