Thread question

I was just curious as to why the moderators don’t close topics after a certain amount of pages.

On other boards, most close after 4 -6 pages. Easier to read and no getting lost.

Just a suggestion.

That’s probably because most topics are still being discussed after 4-6 pages. :shrug: The mods only really close topics when they’re discussing the same topic as another post, or they are offensive/generate bad feelings.

Exactly. If the topic still has discussion there is no reason to close it unless it’s gotten out of control which rarely happens.

On this other board “buddy groups” are created after a certain amount of pages. You can still view these as well but can’t post to it.

I agree that topics don’t get over crazy but just for viewing pleasure. It’s nice having closed threads but the closed topics are still available in archive.

They really don’t need to be closed since they usually just move on into oblivion :teehee:. I agree that sometimes though like when someone doesn’t pay attention to the date and starts posting to a really old thread it would be nice. Not my decision though, it’s up to admin. :wink:

Yeah, I don’t see a point in closing threads either. If they’re active, why close them, and if they’re not active, there’s no reason to close it because no one is posting anyway.

If the Admins have an “auto close” feature, they could sorta prune the forum by closing all the really old posts, but still keeping them available to view in the event there’s good searchable info in them. But closing all the old posts one by one would be a tedious chore. I don’t think it’s THAT necessary.

I like the idea of not closing threads because sometimes a newbie (or a really bored forum member) might start going through the older posts, find something of interest, post to it, and then generate renewed interest in the topic (or interest by newer forum members who never saw the original post). I know that I’ve done this before.

But, aren’t you an admin? :wink: