Thread for Those Who Have Recieved My Newsletter (NEED SUBSCRIPTIONS BY WEDNESDAY!)

What did you think of it and the design? Do you have any comments? Constructive criticism is encouraged. I just want to know if there is anything I can improve upon.

To read more about the newsletter and the info about subscriptions, go to the Buy/Sell/Swap forum and it’s in the ‘Tell us about your knitting business’ sticky.


Guess I’ll have to check the mailbox tomorrow…

It should be there today, I mailed it on Tuesday.

I don’t check every day, sometimes I forget for almost a week. And mail delivery is slow to get here. Goes out fast, but coming in is something else…

Hi, it came in. Thank you… I have a question about row 2 of the pattern. Will PM you. The pictures were great. You didn’t give an approximate size, just keep knitting until you run out of yarn…?

No, knit until it’s the desired length, then work the 7 ridges of garter stitch.

Well yeah, that’s what I meant… I may make this smaller as a scarf or wrap rather than an afghan anyway. Though one of my thrift stores has a package of 5 or so skeins of NZ wool about the same color as the dark wool you used. And it’s only about $2.65 if I remember correctly…

I haven’t received one yet but will post when I do. :slight_smile:

I mailed yours out, so you should recieve it shortly.


bump Again! Everybody should have gotten theirs by now. I do need to know by the 28th whether you plan to subscribe or not.

Braden, I still haven’t received mine. When I do, I’ll let you know.

Well, that’s funny. But, then again, it does have to travel all the way across the country.


I haven’t received mine yet either :frowning:

I haven’t received mine either…
(as of yesterday, won’t see today’s mail til I get home this evening).

Whoa… and I was told mail delivery to my town was slow…

Now, I’m certain I mailed Karen’s on Wednesday when I got some more stamps.