Thread for those who have read Deathly Hallows (SPOILERS!)

So, I’ve finished! And, wow. It’s just such a weird feeling to be done. But, I loved it. Sooo much. I’ve read a bunch of people complaining about it, but I don’t care. It was great.

I am soooooo sad about Fred. The twins are two of my favorite characters. And, how great was George about him being saintlike.

Neville completely kicked butt. How amazing and great and wonderful he was. And, as for kicking butt, go Molly!! “You’re not taking my daughter, you b*tch!”

And, even though it was sort of short and the names were…interesting, I liked the epilogue. So sue me, I’m a romantic, I like happy endings.

Kreacher leading the house elf army was awesome.


I finished it at 1:15 this morning (in Australia)… I cried at least 7 times through the whole book.

I bawled when Fred died, cried when I found out both Remus & Tonks had died (Surely Harry had to be getting images of poor little Teddy and him being parentless), was hugely releived as Harry went through Snapes memories, BAWLED as Harry walked towards his death, and from there on in, basically snivelled my way though the rest of the book.

The final fight scene was amazing!

And Kreacher!! GO KREACHER!!! :smiley:

And Hagrid, walking through the forest, carrying Harry… having a go at the Centaurs!!! WOO!!!

The epilogue was a good ‘foresight’… although, it has left me wondering about the in between bit…

Oh, I cried so hard reading this - mostly when Snape died and his memories. I cried again when Harry told his son that Snape had been one of the bravest men he had known. But oh, was I happy about that, because my Snape theories were right on!!! George’s ear kind of freaked me out, honestly, and PERCY!! I have never been so happy to hear from him, and he made a joke!!GASP!!
lol I cheered out loud for Molly - my husband thought I was nuts! I was really glad that JKR didn’t decide that Malfoy and the trio had to be friends after they saved him. The curt nod on the platform was perfect - it made the ending a little less Disney. lol KREACHER!!! I was so excited to see him at the end! I’m glad he stayed with Harry. My husband is reading right now, and most hasn’t sunk in yet. I loved it, I can’t wait to see what everyone else thought!

I think that I am still in shock over the whole thing! I cried, I laughed and I am just stunned. I can’t believe it’s done. Now what?!?!?! Oh, start to listen to it on cd and then read the whole series over again.

I too was correct in my Snape theory as well as my shipping wishes!

I just finished the book. Wow. Just… wow.

My big sister (being the saint that she is) let me read the book first, and it’s so annoying, because I want to discuss it with her. AAAAUGGGGGG!!!

Okay. I’m calm now :slight_smile:

I loved the entire thing, but my favorite moments were when Neville was acting all cool-like for the DA, when Percy was acting all cool-like for his family, and when Kreacher was finally being nice. But I have to say, My absolute favorite part was Mrs. Weasly soon-to-be infamous line: “YOU’RE NOT TAKING MY DAUGHTER, YOU B*TCH!!!” :teehee:

Who else cried out “NOOOO!!” when Dobby died??

Bawled, I did… bawled!!!


DreamWeaver, as long as your sister isn’t “saintlike.” :slight_smile:

Misstialouise, while I’m the saddest over Fred’s death, Dobby’s death hit me the hardest emotionally at that moment. So sad. :frowning:

And thank goodness Ron and Hermione got together. Took ya long enough, JKR.

I just got done reading this book and wow she has really done a great job. I am glad that Ron and Hermione, Harry and Ginny got together. I wish it wasn’t over :cry: I will miss Harry but I am so happy that she didn’t kill him off.

Just finished it!

Oh man, I cried every time someone “good” died: Hedwig, Mad-Eye, Dobby, Fred, Lupin, Tonks… even Snape! (Did I miss anyone?) I bawled when Dobby died! He’s my favorite! (I am so disappointed they have left him out of the 4th and 5th movies!) I am glad she didn’t “kill off” any of the main three. I think it woud have been too traumatic!

Yay, for Kreacher, and Snape! I knew they couldn’t be all that bad, especially Snape! Neville is a hero! Good for him, since he was [I]almost[/I] “The Chosen One”! Molly’s line to Bellatrix was classic! :thumbsup: Ron and Hermonine kissing furiously when when Ron suggested they save the Hogwarts house-elves, love it! :cheering:

I loved all the “minor” references to the other books! Anybody else catch Herminone’s line to Ron about “[I]Are you a wizard, or what?”[/I] when he was trying to find out how to push the spot on the Whomping Willow without Crookshanks? He said pretty much the same to her when they were trying to get past the Devil’s Snare in Book 1 and she was trying to figure out how to light a fire without wood! :lol:

I am so pleased with this book. It was nice to see everything "come together.

I thought they were together in HBP .??

I finnished the book at 2 in the morn, central europe time, and what a book… I’ve grown up with harry, when he was eleven i was eleven… and so has it been throughout the series…
I always liked snape more than most characters though… and I was talking to a friend on friday (a non Harry Potter reading friend I might add) about how I wished that it would turn out that Snape only acted on Dumbledor’s orders when he killed him, and it turns out I was right! There were many tragic losses ofcourse, and some parts of the book did remind of Hitler and the holocaust (is that the english word? Appologize if it isn’t). Yet I can’t help being happy that everything ended so nicely, though I do wonder if Harry did become an auror in the end…

Me too, poor dobby he was a wonderful little thing no doubts… Well I always had a soft spot for semi-ugly fairytale creatures… My whole family looked strangely at me when i cried out…

I’m still horribly depressed over my beloved Remus and Tonks. At least all the faithful Marauders are together again, probably driving Lily and Tonks nuts somewhere. (Now that’s a story I’d like to read - the adventures of Moony, Padfoot, & Prongs!)

I totally pegged Snape and Neville, but I wish Neville had taken out Bellatrix and Remus had taken out Greyback.

It may take me a bit to get over this one…

I finished it at 1.a.m. this morning, I’m really glad that lots of other people were mad enough to stay up reading it as well:lol:

My favourite bit was when Molly finally lets out all that pent up domestic energy and goes for Bellatrix : “YOU’RE NOT TAKING MY DAUGHTER, YOU B*TCH!!!” …has to be the line of the book

Sigh…but of course, my favourite three characters die: Snape, Remus and Tonks…I was so glad about Snape, I’d guessed about him and Lily…had to wake up my husband to tell him that I was right…he didn’t seem terribly impressed for some reason:shrug:

Ahh Snape…I feel he deserves a book in himself, but shouldn’t he be in Gryffindor, his inherent nobility, his capacity for self -sacrifice? I agree with Dumbledore when he says: You know, I sometimes think we Sort too soon…" Although when Snape dies at least for once Slytherin can claim to have the hero, I always thought that the four house divisions were very annoying, and by blurring a few of the boundaries I guess it gives us all more hope for the future.

Kreacher rocks:heart:…I love that bit when he wants to hit Mundungus again with the frying pan: " Perhaps just one more, Master Harry, for luck? "

I also adore Aberforth…funny enough my husband who has only read a few of the books, had a lot of criticisms of Dumbledore…he thought that by never telling anyone the total truth he was to blame for a lot of things that happened in the other books…to me it was very interesting to read about Dumbledores early life, and to find him a more flawed being than you imagine in the first few books.

And now I had better go and take a nap…

I wept for Tonks and Lupin, they were two of my favorites, and Fred and Mad Eye! It didn’t hit me at first, but when Harry was thinking of him as strong and constant protector - forget it. I was running for the tissues. I had really hoped something truly evil would happen to Umbridge, a well placed stunning spell just wasn’t enough punishment for her.

The epilogue was wonderful, but I wish we had heard more about the other characters.

My heart almost broke for Snape when we finally got his whole story too. What an amazing ride - I can’t wait to share these sotries with my son!

Just finished about an hour ago! I loved the epilogue! It could have been a bit longer but I too am a sucker for happy endings. They all truly deserved one. Neville!!! I knew someday he would shine! Molly’s line cracked me up. I could totally see her saying it, she is just that kind of Mom. Harry’s journey to meet Voldemort in the Forbidden Forrest had me holding my breath. I thought Lily’s eyes would play a bigger part than they did. Poor little Al what a name! Albus Severus Potter. I’m glad we got the tour through Snape’s memories. It really did explain so much. In all I thought JKR did a great job answering all the unanswered questions. I do wish she had told us what Harry and the gang were doing as adults but I guess she had to leave something for our very active imaginations! Wow I am really rambling! Sorry!! Lack of sleep is my only excuse!

I bought a second copy of [I]The Deathly Hallows[/I]! Hubby couldn’t get a copy in Iraq (“shipping deplays”, “sorry for the inconvience” he said they said… a bunch of Soldiers were unhappy that they didn’t have Harry Potter books! Too funny! :teehee:), so I am sending him a copy from here… the one I bought on Friday night was already “promised” to be passed along to my dad! (Gotta keep the guys in my life happy!)

I was trying to take my time with this one but I snapped and stayed up until 2 in the morning reading :passedout:

I thought it was great, but I think I’ve missed some bits after reading all of your comments :shock: I guess that’s what happens when you’re reading whilst tired!

I cried when Dobby died :pout: I was sad about the deaths i the main battle but I think they had to be there to underline how serious it had been whilst we were off following Harry’s part of it all.

I finished late last night and shared the tears and thrills that so many of you experienced. But now I wish I had slowed down because I think I missed some meaning. I woke up this morning with one nagging question then I saw in my e-mails that I hadn’t posted here in some time. I logged on - saw the Harry Potter thread - and realized one of you probably has some insight…so…with all the big moments in the book, one tiny moment is bugging me. What was the small crying child in the big room with Dumbledore after Harry “dies”. JKR uses words like indecent, furtive, shameful. Then they manage to ignore its crying. Finally Dumbledore tells Harry not to pity the dead - but all the other dead in the book have been happy except for this small child. I was sort of assuming that this whole scene had overtones of Christianity - people die, see loved ones in heaven and are told to go back. But the crying child really bothers me and the fact that they ignore it. (Not to mention that Harry is naked during this - that will be fun to film, huh!!!) Am I missing something? Somebody shed some insight so I can move beyond this wierd moment and totally enjoy this reading experience!

I think it was the part of Voldemort’s soul that was in Harry - when Harry “died”, so did that bit of soul.

I cried the hardest for Snape, he has been my favorite character for years. I cried again when I thought back to OotP, in “Snape’s Worst Memory”, because while I figured he loved Lily, I hadn’t read OotP in that light. His memory is just heartwrenching taking his love for her into account. No wonder that was his worst.