Thread colors


I am going to be doing some really fine crochet work and do not want to worry about changing colors and hiding ends. Dying is the solution but I have never done any and was wondering your thoughts on the matter. I do not want to worry about colors running and would like the color to be permanent. Could you help me?


I personally have never dyed yarn, but it is probably similar to dying yarn of the same fiber. Is it cotton?


Yes, it is cotton crochet thread.


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@mathwizard, If you are set on dyeing you need to use the correct dye for cotton. Bast fibers such as cotton, linen, hemp need a different dye than protein fibers such as wool & nylon.

Dharma Trading Co has dyes for both bast & protein fibers. The link will take you to the dyes for bast fibers. I highly recommend the Dharma Fiber Reactive Dyes. It comes in a wide variety of colors choices.


Thank you! I am trying to recreate something I saw online an there are no color changes.


Those are beautiful!

You’ll need short color runs if you dye the thread before crocheting these or use an eye dropper to apply different intensities of the dye after the flowers are finished.