Thread Angel Gift For Aunt

I love this pattern, each angel turns out with her own personality

this is Ava

Beautyful! I love her , is there a link to the pattern?.

I am sorry, the pattern was lost when we moved a few years ago. I have had to count the stitches on the original one, made along time ago. Not sure if you could make heads or tails of my notes.

Wow! I have seen a few different thread angels, but don’t think any looked as intricate as yours… very nice!!

Thanks, my Aunt was thrilled with her!!

i crochet well, but for the life of me can not crochet tight enough for threadcrochet, i would love to make one like her

[COLOR=black][FONT=‘Times New Roman’]I do not crochet very tightly, but compensate with a smaller needle. Of course with this “pattern” it doesn’t matter every one is a bit different; because I read my notes differently every time. The starching is the difficult part. She is stiff enough to be a tree topper. If you would like to try and understand my notes to make one I’d be glad to post them.[/FONT][/COLOR]

Sorry since they are in a word doc. email may work better. Caveat: instructions are difficult to follow, they were written while counting stitches.

that is absolutely gorgeous!!!

Oh how beautiful is that!!! My goodness woman, you have a great talent!

Thanks, I do not like to crochet with anything but thread.