Thousands of yarns, which one?

i’ve googled and come up with nothing impressive. so i was wondering if anyone here had any suggestions on the best (preferrably cheap/er) yarn for socks?

and also, is lion wool or cascade 220 good for socks?

thanks in advance! :blush:

Welcome! I’m not a sock knitter myself, but KnitPicks has a nice assortment of sock yarns and their prices are reasonable. Worsted weight yarns can be used, too, but I think they make heavy socks.

sorry, i meant to say ‘hi! i’m new here’ sorry, having a bad day. but i look forward to hanging around these forums quite a bit :o)

thanks for the knit picks tip, i got the shine and twist yarn from there and absolutely loved it

If you use Lion Wool or Cascade 220, you’ll have very thick, handwash only socks. Worsted weight yarn tends to make socks you wouldn’t want to wear in shoes (I’ve done it before because they’re WARM, but you can feel all the purl bumps on your feet). They’d be good for wearing around the house socks (I loooove mine!).
I second the Knit Picks suggestion. I think all of their sock yarns are fingering weight (I forgot if Parade is gone or not). If you’re looking for something thicker, you could get a sport weight yarn. The smaller the gauge of your knitting, the less likely you’ll be to feel the purl bumps on your feet, so if that bothers you, that’s something to consider.

Whatever yarn you choose, have fun with it! Sock knitting is awesome. :cheering:

KnitPicks has a great selection of sock yarns, as Ingrid said.
If you are knitting your 1st sock I highly recommend using anything from a sport to worsted wt yarn and size 5-7 needles. This way it will be a bit easier to get the hang of socknitting with bigger yarn. And there are several sock tutorials if you need one, too :smiley:
TheKnitter also has a huge selection of sock yarns. And our very own Kemp has a great selection of sock yarn in her store, too…as a matter of fact, you get a free sock pattern with purchase :wink:

awesome! thank you all SO very much! i almost gave up last night and started a sock in cascade 220 and now i’m very happy i didn’t. i want my first sock to be something i can wear :o)
thanks again!

I actually like Woolease a LOT for socks.

I agree with all of this. Worsted weight is fantastic for socks as long as you do reverse stockinette for the foot bed. (so you get the knits against your foot instead of the dashes) The first pair of socks I did for my dh were WW, and he mentioned they were bumpy. Knitpicks now has a dye your own in a superwash, which is fabulous and I encourage anyone to try it out.

Have you considered Clogs? FiberTrends makes a great clog pattern than you can use this worsted weight for and it goes very fast. You felt them, and then it is warmth multiplied. I made a coupled pairs last year, and they are still used. (My husband keeps the house pretty cold, so your mileage may vary.) I know someone one here (the name is that tip of my tongue!!!) made a whole lot of clogs last year from this pattern.