Thoughts on skinning the cat

I have a good kitty…large, loud but generally well behaved. This morning he nearly got skinned. As I was headed to bed last night I put my sock away, OK well I put the silly sock on the arm of the chair where i lives at home when working on it…this morning I walk into the living room and see the sock FFFAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRR across the room. The words are not repeatable:rofl: I grab the camera, managed to dlt the pics so no evidence, and photograph the trail of yarn from the ball to the sock across the room. Fortunatly for him he did not pull the needles out in the process or lose the 5th needle…so the guilty party lives another day :slight_smile: but he was terrified to join me in the living room untl I had recovered the sock and realized it was in one piece…well the plan was to add kitty here but the flickr stuff makes it hard :teehee:

Glad the sock is intact! Bless the poor kitty when he heard your reaction!!!

Oh no… don’t skin the kitty though. Put the kitty toys…er socks somewhere he can’t get them. :lol:

Kitty toy/sock is now finished, washed, and hanging on the porch air drying…looks funny too but again w/ the uplaoding probs…

I take back all the upload issue comments :slight_smile:

Foot to anus, foot to anus is case skinning and makes a nice pelt.
I had my new puppy laying on a nearly finished sweater. Yesterday she took to biting it and snagging with those puppy teeth. It’s so small the pelt wouldn’t be worth it so no more laying on the sweater.
Both the sweater and the socks it keeps going after are nearly done. I need to try and finish at least one of the projects while she sleeps.

I once learned the hard way that I needed to keep my knitting in a covered basket, or out of my kitty’s reach. Fortunately, he’s now old enough that he doesn’t seem to care too much about it.