Thoughts on lace cardigan

I have been contemplating making a lace cardigan as a sort of evening wear thing to go with dresses etc at weddings. I have no idea how to successfully pull of wearing a shawl, so I thought a cardie would be good. The only thing putting me off is the thought of having to block it again after every time I have to wash it. I don’t mind blocking it once when I have to sew it up, but the process is so time consuming and fiddly (and involves taking up the living room floor and making sure the cat doesn’t sit on it) I’m not sure how often I would be prepared to do it after I made it. I was thinking maybe I could just use the steam iron, but not sure if this was a good idea. I asked this question on Ravelry and people suggested that I wash my clothes too often - not sure how they know how often I wash my clothes, but I am prone to spilling things down my front - kinda famous for it in work actually.

[I]Usually[/I], after you block something it pretty much stays blocked. You don’t have to pin every little bit like you might the first time. I pretty much just smooth and lay my wet knits flat to dry.

Lace may take a bit more care, but nothing like the first time.

And you can wash you clothes as often as you like! :rofl:

How often are you going to be washing it if you’re only going to use it occasionally? I figure once or twice a year unless something gets spilled on it. As Ingrid says, once you block it the first time, that should be good; after you wash it you probably will only need to lay it flat to dry, maybe pulling it out a little.

That’s good to know, I thought that you had to reblock lace every time you washed it. It hasn’t been an issue for me as the only totally lace thing I have knit was a scarf for my sister and she hasn’t washed it yet. I have bought some black sock yarn, it’s fairly cheap stuff (woolcraft superwash sock yarn), but it was the only black 4 ply the shop I went into had and had good yardage