Thoughts On Knitpicks Options Needles?

I just read about these needles and would love to find out what people think about them. I’ve invested in quite a few Addis, but I like the idea of having the different cable lengths and being able to switch when necessary for different projects.

Thank you!

If you’ll look around the General Knitting board, there’s been quite a few threads started about them. I think most everyone who’s tried them is in favor of them!

They are WONDERFUL! I, too, have many addi’s, but Options are far better IMHO :cheering:

they dont have a 12 or 16 inch cable, though do they?

They are amazing! :muah: They don’t have the 12" or 16" cables, no.

They are pointier than Addis but just as slick. I REALLY like mine and never liked metal needles before!

Im hoping they come out with more cable lengths, too…

I love how pointy they are. I don’t seem to have yarn splitting problems anymore. Also, it’s amazing how much faster you can knit when you don’t have to fight to get the yarn off the needles. It just slides right off.

I don’t let the lack of short cables hold me back. Anything that can be done on a 12-16" cable can be done using Magic Loop on a 32-40" (or longer) cable.

Some folks don’t like that technique, but I love it and it’s a perfect combination for the Options because the cables are the most flexible and the joins are the smoothest ever (in my experience) for an interchangeable.

The Options can also be used for 2 circ knitting and some folks like that better than Magic Loop.

They are gorgeous. I love them to pieces and I’m a huge fan of Ingrid who helped enable me to have them here in blighty =D

Love 'em, love 'em, love 'em! They are smooth as glass with amazingly flexible cables! They are just wonderful to knit with – I don’t know how I got along without them!