Thoughts on Caron and felting

My friend called me today and was disappointed in her first felted bag she made. She did it on a knitting machine, so I don’t know if that would really matter, but this is what happened:

One side of the bag is bright, the other more subtle in color.
Handles match the bright side.
It really felted hairy, and I mean it’s really fuzzy.
The stitches to sew the bottom together never did felt. You can still see them.
The varigated pattern is large, almost a diamond pattern toward the bottom and as you get to the top, it blends together.

I really didn’t know what to say. The yarn was the same dye and lot number. I have never used Caron’s but does it not felt well, or was this a fluke?
She has 4 more skeins of the stuff and doesn’t know what to do with it now.

not sure what the problem is. I knit a bag with it too, and it felted fine. Depending on her number per inches, the color might pool, or 'flash’
You can see how it flashed here on the bottom of my bag here:

i’ve felted with a few different yarns, and this one doesn’t seem any more fuzzy. And as for still seeing the seam stitches, she probably stitched them tighter, which means less room for the stitches to felt and ‘disappear’

Hope this helps! :mrgreen:

Not sure what the gauge was on this knitting machine, but that’s exactly what it looked like according to the pictures. I will tell her to check her gauge and to watch her tension when sewing the bottom together too. Thanks for you help!:slight_smile:

also, most felted items tend to shrink 20% and more in height than width. (that pic was pre felting) I knit it on size 10.5 us needles :slight_smile: