Thoughts and prayers

Please keep my husband’s family in your thoughts and prayers this weekend… his grandfather passed away this evening from cancer and we’re going down for the funeral this weekend…

Thanks and :hug:

Oh, Sweetie, i certainly will, I stopped to pray and put ya’ll on my prayer list. let me know if i can do anything, please.

Sending good thoughts and comfort your way. My condolences…

thinking of you both and sending healing thoughts.

I’m so sorry for your loss.

We will be driving from virginia to florida (650 miles) on thursday for the funeral. I’m doing a bit better this morning, though it comes and goes. His grandparents were really the first to completely accept me as family when we were dating. They were always the most loving people, and I was their extra grandchild from the start :slight_smile: I’ll definitely miss him

:pray: Special thoughts and prayers - and good wishes for safe driving. :hug:

Hugs and prayers to you.


:hug:I’m sorry for your loss…prayers for you, dh, and family…:hug:


May the Lord comfort you during this time.

Hoping happy memories soon bring a smile back to your faces:wink:

I’m sorry for your loss. You’ll be in my prayers.