Thoughts about a scarf?

So, I was sooo bummed when K2P2 had sold out of Malabrigo by the time I found out. But, I did get some yarn that I think is just as gorgeous. Blue Sky Bulky 50% Alpaca 50% Wool in a lovely dark chocolately brown color. It’s very loosely spun, almost like roving, but it holds tight together when you pull it.

But, anyway, enough of my gushing. I’ve decided that I’m going to make a long skinny scarf with it (casting on lengthwise so I have vertical stripes). And, I’m going to stripe it with two strands of my stash Malabrigo held together (a green and a gray-blue).

Now, my question is, what stitch pattern should I use? I’m debating between the my so called scarf patternand the skinny scarf pattern from knitty gritty. Or, you guys have any other ideas? My biggest issue with the MSCS pattern is that it’s one side. Also, I can’t tell if the knitty gritty pattern would curl or not.


what about this scarf?

I think the Knitty pattern is the “skinniest.”- I’d go with that one, especially for the vertical striping. The others are nice as well, but my votes for the Knitty.


I’ve just finished a sideways skinny scarf… and let me tell you Casting On and Off has never been so tedious… yes i did 400 Stitches, beware its very long!!

Although mine i just did in garter stitch cos i was using novalty yarn & different colours to give the scarf character rather than a specific stitch pattern.

I vote for the Skinny Scarf, too. I’ve made My So Called Scarf and loved it, but I don’t think the pattern lends itself well to the vertical striping. But really, either one would be beautiful. Hard to go wrong here.