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While i was knitting my jumbo bag, i came to think that i had really come a long way … still remember 5 years ago the first time i land my foot on the United States of America… I was excited and happy …excited that i am exploring the other part of the world which is very western to me … different culture…different type of food and not a single soul that i knew except my husband to be… needless to say my family was sad and worry how can i adapt the new environment…especially my mum …i know she cried most of the night during the last couple of months before i left… i never feel the impact till the night i left for the airport… i started crying in the cab thru-out the whole way to the airport…

i never know that leaving my families and friends could be such a challenge ! My husband have alway been a great supporter since i married him, he brings alot of sunshine in my life, he always encourage me to do things that i love, when i learnt how to quilt …he bought me a sewing machine, when i had an operation in 2005, he made sure that i had the best care, when i am stress, he will give me a neck massage, alot of people that we know think that we will not survive in our relationship but we did… love brought us together and we had our challenges too but we managed to pull through…I just wanted to say "Honey, thank you for being a great supporter all this times… i treasure what you had given me (wisdom, happiness, laughters, care and love) all this years …

do you have any story to share with me ?

Hi, Hellokitty, thank you for your lovely story.

Reading about your story reminded me of long long time ago.
I left my country 19 years ago and lived in the States for 8 years.

I had met my husband there and this is my 11th year in Italy.
It seems like just the other day when I arrived here .
How strange!

Since I really loved to stay in the States, I had difficult time to adjust
myself for this new culture and the way of life.
Learning Italian was another challenge.
Sometimes I felt terribly homesick not for my country
(shame on me!! :oops: ) but for the States.

Fortunately, my DH is very supportive and I appreciate
his PATIENCE. :heart:
Now I enjoy living in Europe.
It has been really tough to adapt to this new life,
but I am happy here.

And I’d be happier if I’d learn more knitting skill. :doh:



:heart: I love your story and I’m so glad you found this forum to share one of your hobbies. I’m glad ALL of us found this forum!

I don’t really have a story, but I know that it really warms my Nana’s heart that I took up knitting. She’s a talented quilter. I’m the oldest grandchild and she started (with me) a tradition of making a quilt for each of us when we graduated high school. She’s still got at least 7 quilts to go (assuming no more grandbabies appear) and after all these years I treasure my own quilt. She used to knit before her athritis made it hurt too much. Now she’ll pick up things on big needles every once in awhile.

She absolutely adored a shawl I made for her recently. It was one of the first large projects I did and it was not the most attractive shawl–but she just loved that I made something for her. I was quite happy to share the love of a handcrafted item with her.

She’s too cute, she’s always giving me random knitting magazines or patterns she finds whenever I stop by my parents’ house. And she bought me a boatload of gorgeous yarn for my birthday. My mom and my aunts laugh as my nana and I have little coffee klatches over yarn at family gatherings. And now I just got one of my 16yr old cousins started on a knitting addiction! This will be a family affair soon enough… :happydance:

HamaLee, that’s awesome about you and your Nana! My grandma taught me to knit when I was a kid, but I hadn’t picked it up again since then until just a few months ago. Now my grandma is 89 and living out her few remaining days in hospice care, and I have inherited all of her knitting supplies. It makes me feel good when I go sit with her and knit with her needles…


And I’m sure it is a soothing thing for her to see someone she loves using her supplies, doing what she loved to do for so many years. What a blessing you are to her right now. :hug:


My grandma was in the hospice too before she passed away couple of years back… she got colon cancer and during her final week there she could not open her eyes anymore and living on morphine…she got tears on her cheek when i trimmed her nails that night before she passed away… sob… thinking of that moments …i missed her terribly…

I agree with you Nathalie–Carey I’m sure that you’re grandma is taking pleasure and comfort in your enjoying a common respite and by loving and using her supplies, in a way she is still knitting too :hug: .

Wow, thanks to all three of you. I am having a hard time with all of this right now, and it was really helpful to hear your kind words. Thank you!