Thought I understoon YO

This just doesn’t look right, but maybe I’m not knitting through the pattern enough to see it.

The pattern is

Trouble with Rows 9, 10, 11

Row 9 - (RS) loosely k1, *knit (yo) 3 times for each st, rep from *
Row 10 - knit, dropping all yo’s off needle
Row 11 - dec 1 st, knit, dec 1 st

Okay Row 9, am I to knit 1, then bring yarn forward and wrap 3 times and then knit 1? Or, knit 1, then knit 1 bring yarn forward and wrap 3 times and then knit 1? When I yo the 3rd stitch and then knit 1 it doesn’t look right, either.

Row 10, Knit all stiches, except when I come to the yos I’m to drop those off the needle?

Row 11, decrease 1 stitch, knit 1 stitch, decrease 1 stitch along the entire row? I’m assuming since it doesn’t say repeat.

Thanks to whomever can help.

Lee Ann

this reminds me of a scarf i did once with a technique called the elongated stitch. here is the link, it has a description and a step by step guide.

i do remember i had to wrap the yarn several times around the needle, knit the stitch and then on the other side (the wrong side) these stitches will come off the needle. at first it seemed akward but when the scarf began to grow and grow it was an amazing looking pattern. i still get a ton of complements on this scarf.

this is the pattern i used, it’s called “seafoam”.

sorry, i don’t understand row 11. it could mean to decrease one stitch at the begining and another at the end…but not sure :shrug: