Those pesky woven-in ends

I seem to be noticing that some of the ends I have woven-in keep coming through to the right side of my knitted objects. In particular, I’ve noticed it happening in gloves that I made for my nephew. I always weave in my ends for a good 1-1/2 inches, sometimes more, but they just seem to come through. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to prevent this from happening, or is it just a normal thing? I know my knitting is secure, but it just drives me nuts when I see it happening! :grrr:

I think the key for that is to make sure you don’t cut the end too short once it’s woven in. I usually cut my ends leaving about 3/4" and I never have a problem with the ends coming through to the right side.

That makes sense! I know they usually tell you to cut it close, but that would cause it to go to the right side. I will cut my ends longer next time. Thanks for the tip knitqueen. I guess I always cut them close so that it would look neat, but nobody sees the inside anyway ~ right?

I finally started leaving the ends 1/2-3/4 in and it really helps!

Thank you too, Jan. I’m going to start leaving a longer tail. I’m sure that will take care of the problem! :happydance:

But what about scarves, where both sides are visible? I have that pesky poking-our yarn end problem too… on one of the scarves I made for a Christmas present :frowning: