Those interchangeable sets?

I know Amy’s talked about the set she got and I’ll do a search for that post… There’s a set on ebay right now, it’s Boyle…

well it’s here if you want to look at it:

Do these things work nicely or are they nerve wracking or break a lot or something? That looks like a good price to me of course it’s not done being bid on. There’s also a set for only 8 bucks but it’s missing Size 6 and a couple llittle things. I just won 3 pairs of circulars on ebay this morning for $5.50! ( but unfortunately $6.50 in shipping). I keep buying more needles. I’m not sure if I would like interchangeables though.

Something about them seems to put me off but… I COULD BE WRONG. Whose are the best do you think? Anybody?


Vic, I have the Denise’s and I love them,

I have seen a million other threads here that address the pros and cons of both brands…if you search on Interchangeables, you should be able to get a good round picture of everybody’s views. :wink:

I just ordered the Denise interchangeables from WEBS…Kelly, you need to make some residuals from your sales pitch :rofling: I hope I love them as much as you…I do :heart: the Addi circulars that I own.


I really like the Denise set I got for a present, but I can see where not everyone would like their plastic-ness. They are less expensive than the Boye set, but have fewer needle sizes and some people prefer the aluminum Boye needles. I would recommend trying either set before buying if possible, especially the Denises.


Thanks much everybody. Yeah, I’ll do a search Kelly and read what else was said. I’m getting to the point where I think I might need them coz everytime I look at a new pattern lately I don’t have that needle. Only have size 101/2 circular and some small ones.

Thanks again!

The main reason I bought the Denise’s is that I can take them on an airplane.

:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: loving my denises…can’t beat 'em in my book :thumbsup:

Hm. interesting… I just read the whole story of the woman who bought the Denise company. Pretty cool story. Yes, they had made the Boye or sometimes Boyle! set first then did the Denise.

Well Ms. Kelly, I HATE airplanes :shock: so that’s not going to be a determining factor. What is more to my liking is all the pretty colors of the Boye set. I’m a sucker for bright colors :inlove:

I like the feel of aluminum too. However, I just won an ebay item of 3 pairs of circular Boyes and just bid on 2 more circulars that are 13 inch, wow, haven’t used any that little yet. But there are such good deals on ebay I’m sure I can get a set later if I decide to.

Wondering, when you use a small circular to make a sleeve, is that not possible with dpns? Do you ever switch from the circular down to a dpn like at the wrist? I know I could look at bunches of patterns but wonder what you guys/ladies prefer.

And how about those ADDIS!   (kind of like a baseball question:  and how about those Mets!)   coveting new needles Vic

P.S. I read all the threads. Sounds like a 50 / 50 between the Denise & Boye.

I have the Boye set, and will probably eBay it soon to fund a Denise set (or just buy some Addi’s from the Hong Kong lady that sells them for 6.00 a pair)

The Aluminum they use feels like lead…it is just way too heavy for my poor hands. Also, the shafts are kind of long. (boy, that comment leaves me open for ridicule for the dirty birdies, eh? :lol:) My friends has Denise’s and let me try them out, and I was really suprised at how much I like them. They are super light, the cords are SO nice, and I was suprised at how slick they were because I was afraid the plastic would be catchy.

That’s because they arent regular plastic…they are resin. :thumbsup:

Im curious about those 13" circs…how long are the shafts? I tried using the 12" cord alone with my Denise’s, and there wasnt much wiggle room to work…I suppose they would work better if the shafts were shorter. :??

I have the boyle set and i realyl like them (just made a moebius scarf with them actually last week)- no problems unscrewing etc. the cords are a bit stiff, but the weight hasnt bothered my hands yet, but i was working in a really light weight yarn for everything ive used them for so far, so that might be why,

I’ve not used the Denises so I can’t compare, but I like having the Boye set and having sizes 2-15. I’m also finding that I like to use them to knit flat with, too, so having the extra sizes (Denises only go down to size 5 I think) may come in handy. At this point i don’t have any patterns that call for that small of a size needle, but knowing i have it available is nice.

I also just like the feel of the aluminum (and airplanes aren’t an issue with me)

Hi! I just checked back on my ebay bid on the Addi circulars and I was mistaken (Kelly) when I said 13" It was sizes 13 & 11, 16".

16" So, small but good for cuffs and collars it says. Ha, if I ever get around to making a sweater!

I think I want to go into a store and try the two now. Both sets definitely have their advantages.

AH…yes, 16" needles are great for LOTS of things! Hats, etc.

That sounds about right. I think it boils down to what “feels” best to you. If you like working with aluminum, you’ll like the Boyes. I love mine, but I haven’t tried the Denise needles. If you go for the Boyes, remember if you’re in the U.S., Michaels has a 40% off coupon every Sunday in the paper. That’s how I got mine, for about $40. Can’t beat the price.

Good luck in your search. :XX:

I have the Boye set as that’s the only interchangeables they have in the stores around here. I like them. I mean, I’m saving money by buying them all at once and I think they are pretty cool. I am lazy tho and dont tighten them before I start knitting (they come with tighteners)…I just use my hands and beforeI know it, I have some lost stitches. But i manage to get them back on track with my handy dandy crochet hook! :smiley:

Hey Victoise, I did a review of both sets in a seperate post. Maybe it will help you decide.