Those expensive Olympic Hats

My niece posted a wish that she could get one of those Olympic hats but heard they were sold out and would have cost $75 anyway, a little out of most budgets these days. So I looked at the hat, and came up with a pattern that resembles the hats, but has enough changes not to be a complete copy. However, I am at a lost on how to make decreases, or how to mark them on the pattern. Also, what size thread to use and what size needles to use. Any suggestions?

This is the Ralph Lauren Hat

This is my pattern.

Grid for pattern is 72 stitches wide by 62 stitches high. I think I have the repeats on the borders correct, but let me know if you see an error.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, I’m making one of those hats now. I’m actually following this pattern that calls for a worsted weight.

For help on the decreases you may take a look at other hats and see how they work them in.

Most of the time when I work a chart they have the decreases like so / and \ but as long as you provide a key for your chart you could prolly get away with another symbol.

Also here is a link to a basic hat pattern that kinda helps you figure out your formula for your hat…

Thank you! I sure wish I hadn’t spent half the day designing the pattern! Yes, I noticed the difference between the reindeer and my moose. But both are native to Canada, so it is just one of the changes I made in the pattern. I’ll see if I can figure out the decrease stuff using the basic pattern link you gave.

I actually like your pattern for the moose better…and I had charted out flag instead of just having a solid blue section (although some are buying flag patches to place over that)…and I like your tree better :teehee:

I did notice that the right moose had a problem, most of the body was over one column too far left, so have corrected that and here is the new grid.

You have a good eye…never noticed it here. I hope when you get your hat done you post a picture…I’m anxious to see how you get the top worked out too

Thank you for sharing your graph with us :hug:

I’m following the pattern that Dustina is following as well. I honestly think yours is way better. If I ever do it over again I’ll use sock weight yarn. The worsted with 110sts on 7 needles would have been RIDICULOUSLY long, and is very snug on my head so far. Perhaps blocking will help, but only time will tell.

At this rate I’ve taken out so many rows and already started the decreases at the top of the reindeer head. I’m just going to do a simple alternating color pattern for the final few decreases.

The things I wish I could change (about my hat):
Tree is too small for me
I would have left out the break in the brim pattern or only put in one to accomodate the flag.
There looked to be another tree between the deer butts when I saw them on tv.

I should be done with mine shortly and will post a picture.

Your image is too large. Please click the link in my signature to see appropriate sizes for the forum. Thanks. :wink:

I agree with the sock weigh yarn. I’m thinking I’ll put off starting till I can get through the snow to a store, or order the yarn on line. What size needle do you think it will come out too? 2 or 3 maybe? Guess I’ll have to work that out when I get the yarn. In the Ralph Lauren pic in the original post does look like there is a tree behind the left deer, and the logo behind the right deer.

Nada, I love your pattern. Please post the hat pattern if you get it figured out as I’d love to knit it, and I’m sure others would too.

I charted out the flag to put in one of the blue sections…and then for the other section I continued the established blue and white pattern…

I also dropped the tree down 2 rounds, I thought it was up higher than should be…

I also put 2 more trees on the hat…breaking up those 9sts between the repeats.

I haven’t gotten to the decreases yet but I’m worried about that…from what I read on Ravelry others have had to change that section too

I got it finished today :woohoo: here are some picturs and some mods I did to the pattern…

For the first blue section I did a simple flag, I know your not suppose to intarsia in the round…but this will be protected once you fold up and attach the provisional cast on…so I figured long floats would be ok. :oo:

The second blue section I just continued the established pattern

In between the pattern repeats of the deer…I worked the tree pattern again. I dropped the pattern down 2 rounds and I made it taller by 2 rounds.

Also when I connected the provisional cast on I worked that as a purl round…

The decrease I just started it 2 rounds before you were suppose to, I kinda like the top flopping back a bit. Although my 6 yr old has fallen in love with the hat…

ETA: I did my hat on size 6 US needles…I know the pattern first called for 7s but think that has now been changed to 6s.

Yours came out much nicer than mine :o)

aww thats not true! I like how you did yours with the different colors. I love color work so have been doing it for some time…can’t believe that was your first project…mine was socks and they didn’t fit at all…I knitted those things so tight it was horrible :teehee:

would love to knit the hat with Nada’s moose but the size of the chart is larger than the pattern for the hat on Ravelry. The redesign with the better looking moose is 72 stitches wide for the pattern. Has anyone solved this problem?

Quite honestly, I’ve tried to reduce the size and the conclusion I’ve come to, it’s better suited for a sweater! I’m still comtemplating that one. I’ll keep you posted.

Dustinac, you did a great job on duplicating the hat! It looks very close to the original. I’ve ordered yarn in the right size and color that should be here in a day or too. Am going to try DK (btw: can anyone tell me what DK stands for??)

Thank you :hug:

DK weight is Double Knit or 8ply weight…it’s close to sport weight yarn but sport is a tiny bit lighter :thumbsup:

Or DK can mean Double knitting…Amy has a video of that here

I love that hat and when I get the money to buy the yarn I will be knitting it up. I’m afraid that it might be spring when that time comes though. lol