Thomas The Train Hat

Well ! all i can say is . If the hat is anything to go by then you are a natural at coour work :slight_smile:
NOW GET BACK TO WRAPPING THOSE GIFTS :slight_smile: hahahahahaha

It turned out wonderful!!! Great job on the color work - something I haven’t tried yet.

Can I get the pattern on ebay? If so, can you tell me the name of the seller?
You did a wonderful job! I want to make one for my grandson, he is crazy about Thomas!

Jen17,just go to E-bay and put in Thomas The Tank.I can’t remember it’s been so long ago that I got it.

I went to ebay and they have a few thousand things:eyes: for Thomas, but no knitting pattern! I tried too, but they don’t have anything…maybe I will try Ravelry!

I just checked ebay for Thomas the Tank knitting patterns and there were 3. One for a jumper, and 2 for sweaters. I suppose they could be converted to hats.
My nephew is totally into trains and this would be a great gift.

Your grandson will look so cute in that hat. Your knitting is great, too.

Oh how cute that is! You did an excellent job!

It’s really nice, Momwolf! And the inside is nice and neat!!!

Thank you everyone for the nice compliments:aww:

I love it! My nephew would absolutely love a hat like that! Good Job!