Thomas The Train Hat

This is for my grandson Evan.My first time with Intarsia and backwards knitting.Thomas the Train needs to have eyes and and port holes and bumpers embroidered yet. I hate to embroider so I might try Puff paint instead.

Aww that is going to be so cute!


Where did you find that pattern? My nephew would love that!

Cute little hat!
I’ve never used puff paint, but please show us the finished product. I’d love to see how it turns out!

OOooooohhhh lovely hat Julie :slight_smile: Evan will be so happy with it . Lots of hugs for Grandma , i think :slight_smile:

What a cute little hat :slight_smile:

:yay: too cute!! My 8 yr old used to be a HUGE Thomas fan…

A very cute hat. My grandson’s favorite toys are Thomas the Train and Toby. Would love to make him a hat!


Where did you find that pattern? My nephew would love that!
You can only get Thomas The Train off of E-bay :nails:

It’s cute!!

How cute, my son would love that! He’s totally into Thomas…lol…One day I’ll get around to knitting him a Thomas hat…Hubby is a graphic designer and he “drew” a pic of Thomas that I uploaded to KnitPro some time ago, to get a chart, I just haven’t gotten around to knitting it yet 'cause I don’t have the money for new yarn :frowning:

Your colorwork looks great!

Very cute! :slight_smile:

That is very cute. He will love it.

DARLING! My Dd is a big fan, too.


I like hats shaped like that one. The front makes a very nice place to show off Thomas. That will be popular with Evan, and cute on him.


Very cute~my DD would LOVE that!!

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Wonderful colours!
Your intarsia is very neat and tidy…

To Knit or not to Knit, that is the question.[/COLOR]

Thanks everyone for the kind words:hug:I have been trying all kinds of new color knitting:woohoo: Even did some double knitting tonight.Did a little Fair Isle also,just swatches. I am having fun trying all these new things:woot:,but I should be wrapping presents:doh: