This would only happen to me

I’m knitting the Strangling Vine Lace Scarf. After starting it last night with my silk and having to restart it before getting to the actual lace pattern, I somehow had 2 extra stitches at the end of the first repeat of the 4 row lace pattern. I decided to try it out with some worsted acrylic and bigger needles. I got through the first 2 repeats with no problem. My stitch count was dead on. Now I’m trying it with the lace again, and I’ve got an extra 2 stitches at the end of the first repeat again. Does this silk just really not want to be knit with this pattern? What could be happening? :think:

LOL! Humor in the face of evil! You may be adding extra YOs…

Don’t think that’s it. I was extra careful this last time. I don’t know why it wouldn’t want this pattern. They’re perfect for each other!

It is a GORGEOUS scarf…sure hope your silk decides to cooperate!

The ssk maybe? It should be 1 stitch.

Nope. I could do SSKs in my sleep.

Did you recount the sts? It’s easy to think you have the right number, but you’re off one way or another…

How about getting a whole pile of stitchmarkers (or ringbinder hole reinforcers) or something and after each repeat of the pattern in a row put in a marker. That should show up any probs if one group has more st than the next etc!

You might have 10 or more markers in a row but it would only be until that silk realised it was beaten.

I’ve been recounting the stitches after every row and I was fine until the last row of the repeat. Crazy. I think I’ll try the stitchmarkers. Hey, I’m willing to try anything at this point.

Thanks for all the help, ladies! :muah:

I use stitch markers in all patterns that have a repeat. It’s really helpful.

I would use the stitch markers too… can you read your stitches and see where the mistake is? I’ve found that even with as much as I’ve knit with lace I’ll still some time end up with an extra stitch cuz I seem to somehow pick it up in the middle of making a stitch. I don’t do that even with fingering weight when I’m doing sock so I think it’s something about using needles that are so much bigger and the fine yarn. I hope you find the problem!

I recently started doing a scarf for my daghter in 2 ply wool - really fine & a bit hard on my poor old eyes. I am a reasonably experienced kinitter, but not with this weight of wool - have done plenty of 4ply with no trouble. When I tried the lace pattern, I noticed I was getting extra stitches & realised it was at the start of each row, where the first stitch had twisted on the needle to look like 2. Took a bit of extra care each time & its been ok since. Not finished yet though!!