This would be taking obsession a bit too far

I was just browsing craigslist and as usual, I typed in “knitting” to see what might come up and I found an add for sheep. Yes, living, breathing sheep. The add for the Shetland sheep says that they are “A great present for any knitter or spinner for Christmas!”

I love knitting and I’m sure that spinning is awesome, but the day that I am buying a house with a bigger yard so that I can house sheep to help feed my knitting addiction is the day that I go to knitters’ rehab!

If you can get a prostitute on Craig’s list, why not sheep? And, we have a friend who did move to a bigger place so that she could raise critters and spin their wool into luscious sweaters, etc. She sold her place a few years ago, moved back into the city after having some medical problems, but now that they’re over, she gets that same look into her eyes that she had 18 years ago.

I’m trying to figure out what is wrong with having a bigger yard so one can have sheep. Seems like the perfect plan to me. :??

:slight_smile: DH and I were just discussing this the other day - I’ve always wanted a farm and to have a cow for milk and some chickens for eggs. I told DH forget the cow, I’ll just have some sheep and maybe an alpaca or two for their hair :cool: … sounds like a plan to me :knitting:

I just love the idea of sheep as Christmas presents as if it were commonplace to find sheep with bows under your tree:rofl:

Eh, I think it was stranger that my aunt left her “real” job and bought a farm and alpacas without knowing how to spin, knit or crochet. She can wet felt great. She’s also learning to spin now, a few years later.

However now that I am a knitter I have to restrain myself and not beg her for fiber :teehee:

The last time I did a search for “knitting” on craigslist, I got a post from a woman looking for people in the area to craft with. Knitting was on her “not interested” list! I thought, “fine, bi***” :roflhard:

I guess it depends - my sister and I have a fantasy of starting our own little communal farm off the grid with sheep and alapacas and making yarn as part of our collective… maybe someday.

But I wouldn’t suggest buying a sheep for someone just because they knit lol.

I have to say that I adore sheep … they are do darn cute and very clever.
I am not vegetarian but I have never eaten lamb in my entire life. I have a little toy lamb dangling in my car awwwww

[QUOTE=starburst;1032144] The add for the Shetland sheep says that they are "A great present for any knitter or spinner for Christmas!"

I love knitting, but would pass out if I woke to find a sheep under the tree Christmas morning! :roflhard: I guess I’m not hard-core enough - I prefer the cleaning, spinning, and colouring done already when I want to start a project.

I agree Knit Princess. I love to knit, but don’t feel the need to have sheep roaming about.
If I woke up one Christmas morning and found one nibbeling in the living room I think someone would have some explaining to do.:roflhard:

I have gotten the biggest chuckle imagining sheep under the Christmas tree after reading this thread! LOL!

I love sheep and all of their relatives and I have a crazy fantasy of having land to raise sheep but then I also have a crazy fantasy of living in New York in the center of the City!!! I grew up in a farming family and it’s HARD work!!! No sheep for me–unless I can get a cute shirtless caretaker to handle the dirty work (and I don’t mean dh…he’s cute…but not in this fantasy!) :rofl:

You guys are hilarious!!! And Cristy you got the biggest laugh from me!!

All I could think about was… if I had a sheep, he could eat the grass and I wouldn’t have to mow! – Uh, they do eat grass, right? And of course we would have to house train him… for those cold nights…or hot days. Oh dang… just remembered… we can’t have livestock, foul or swine inside city limits… my neighbors had to get rid of their pot belly pig for that reason!:rofl:

This thread cracked me up! LMBOOO

Forget the sheep. How much land do you think I need for a couple alpaca?