This woman's purses are beautiful

I’ve seen a lot of knit purses up til now, but this woman’s are the most beautiful to me. I’ve wanted to learn to sew for years now, but this my be just the final push I need to learn because there are lots of designs I have in my head, too, but can’t do because I don’t know how to sew. Hers are gorgeous.

Thanks for sharing that link. I agree with you. They are beautiful, and it makes me want to learn how to sew as well. Unfortunately, I don’t think my sewing would ever look as nice.

Those are stunning!!

wow…those are very pretty. The price she is asking for is reasonable too.

those are really pretty!! I would get the knit part done then it would set forever for me to finish it :teehee:

Those are SOOOO coool!

Oh I love those!!! I saw a couple sort of like those in stores at the beginning of winter for a LOT of money. You know, I might try my hand at one after I get done with all the stuff I’m doing.
You could cut up corduroy pants or shirts if you had some, I’m thinking it might not be that hard to sew these.

I love the Tinkerbell and Sadie. Her colours are great arent they?

LUV the Tinkerbell!

I’m very picky about purses, but I LOVE :inlove: these!!!

Those are beautiful! :heart:

Oh, I love those. Im gonna have to make myself one. Thanks for the link :muah:

Hey!!! It looks like the purse that sue just made!!! (she wrote her own pattern and I’ll BET she didn’t use 90 bucks worth of yarn!!!)

I’m so glad you posted these…I’m a “purse-o-phile”! :oops: :teehee: They don’t look all that hard to sew, really, and I’m a very novice sewer, and I don’t think it would take long to make (I think the knitting part might take the longest). They each appear to be the same basic design. I like the fact that they’re soft and feminine but very stylish and not something that you’d see anywhere else. They each have enough variation with the different accents (scarf versus ribbon accents, etc.) that would suit just about any personality.

Hmmm…I may have to take a trip to Joann’s and pick up some fabric to make one of these myself!

I’m going to buy one of these purses, maybe when I get paid for the website I’m working on. I think her prices are very reasonable considering it’s her design, materials, and time. I intend to learn how to sew, but I can’t wait that long for one of these bags. They are so cute. And anyway in this case, I kinda want to support this independent designer since it is her design after all and it doesn’t look like she just has a salary from a big company for coming up with designs.

So let’s see, sold leftover yarn money + rebate from Cingular + returned jeans to Kohl’s = 1 handbag from the clever designer! But which color . . . :??

I thought I was the only person to do “creative financing”! :rofl: It just goes to show what an addiction we have, doesn’t it? :teehee:

On a serious note, I wanted to point out that she has a real attention to detail on these purses. I happened to see that she interfaces her linings which I thought was a big deal. I for one like the way that the silky purse linings look, but don’t like the way they hold up–interfacing them solves that problem. She seems to take a lot of pride in her work and I think she sells a quality product. Please let us know if/when you buy how you like your purse. I may have to try to do some calculating of my own to get one for me, too! :rofl:

I love the stony knit cable. Thanks so much for the link! :muah: It’s inspiring me to be more creative with my knitting. :happydance: