This week ... brand new calf born!

It’s getting to be a regular maternity ward here at the farm this fall.

There are baby peafowl, duckings, last week piggers and on Sunday, Dolly gave birth to a little bull calf.

These pictures are less than 1/2 hour after birth.

[B]His first attempt at standing:[/B]

My camera died shortly after this

I’m so jealous you have piggers and a calf !!!

I want a farm sooo bad but all my friends that have farms (beef) say I have a romantic view of farm life. But your babies are soooo cute.


I was at a local fair last week, and I HAVE to stop in the cow barn to pet the cows every time. I love cows… And I can’t wait to see more pictures of your babies. :smiley:

Gosh, how cool! The look on Mama Cow’s face in the second photo makes me think she’s saying: “Here let me wipe that off your face before she takes your picture and remember to SMILE” and I imagine that if she had a Kleenex she’d be spitting on it!:teehee:

soooooooooooo cute

:roflhard: :teehee:

Beautiful cow!!! I wonder how she looks that good after giving birth?:teehee:

Awwwwwww!!! How cute!!:hug:

Ooooo! So cute!!!

I love cows! My dad’s friend has a milk farm and has quite a few cows. It is a LOT of work, but he loves it. Bless his heart, and yours!!

We had a scare yesterday morning. Paul went out to the barn before 6:00 and Dolly was down and had a glazed look in her eyes … Milk Fever! (this is when the cow is using all her calcium in the milk she is producing leaving her calcium deficient.)

The vet was out quickly and gave her a calcium IV. She was back up on her feet within minutes.

Jersey cows seem to be prone to milk fever, but Dolly has never had it before. We give her a tube of CPMK the week before we suspect she will calve and one a week until she does. Then we give her an additional tube when she does calve. It didn’t work for her this time.

Doc says it’s because she’s getting older.

My camera died on me after getting pics of the calf … any recomendations for a good but inexpensive digital camera??

I had a bottle/bucket calf Dad bought for me at an auction one winter that looked just like that. His name was Chocolate Chip.

Aweeeee… That is great, congrats on the little one.
I miss farms, I live near the open range now. You can see calfs in the distance, LOL! Thanks for the cutness, great way to start a morning!

OHHHH THANK YOU! What a treat to see that! How many do you have? Are they for milk? Ah, it’s hard to eat meat sometimes…

P.S. I love my Sony digital camera, has a big lcd screen. I think it was a little over $200. I have a Sony Vaio computer though so they go together. Takes great pix.

P.S.S. I just went to you website. What GREAT animals you have! How wonderful for you. I am trying so hard (but it’s difficult) to buy absolute no more factory farm meat. Like I said, it’s difficult but I hope more people get into it.