This was my first knitting project ever!

I learned how to knit when I was 12 or 13. My first actual knitting project was a baby vest for my cousin. Her mom and her were looking at my project page with my sister and said I should add my first project that they had a picture of it. so here is my first knitting project ever. I don’t remember the actual name of the project or the designer. I know it was probably size 8 needles. I know it was probably some type of baby yarn. I bought the pattern at the knitting store that I learned how to knit at. I look at it now and I am still pretty proud of how it came out. I am proud that for my first project I tackled instarsia. I am so touched that they still have the vest too.

This vest was made in 1989. I have a new sweater that Alyssa just received. I will post Alyssa in the cardigan as soon as I receive the picture from my sister.

It’s very cute! Nice job for it being your first project.

It looks a bit like the pattern on the cover of this book:

Thank you.

The hearts do match. That may be it. I’m trying to remember if my mom bought the pattern or if I bought it with my money, that would help narrow down if it was a pamphlet or a book. LOL. my discretionary spending money was a LOT less then. I remember my mother would only let me buy yarn for each SPECIFIC project I wanted to make. I sure have made up for it now. LOL

Wow! You were a natural right from the start, eh?

How old is your cousin now?

WOW, what an amazing first project!

Wow…great work for a first project!!! :yay:

You did a fantastic job! I love it!:woohoo:

Wow! Great job! I sure wish MY first project had looked that wonderful!

Alyssa is 19 now and I’m 31 now. Now I feel old. LOL

Love the hearts…
TEMA:thumbsup: [/COLOR]

Very cute!! :yay: