This wait it killing me!

[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]Ok here is my story: My wonderful husband purchased the Knitpick Options for my birthday. I helped him by ordering them at the beginning of Aug. I thought it was take a while before then came in. Boy was I wrong. I received them within the week. I was so excited when they arrived but before I could open up the package my husband took them from me and said I had to wait until my Birthday! It was killing me knowing that they were in the house and I couldn’t even hold them. Well my birthday has come and gone and my husband does not remember where he hid them! I had to remind him that there was a “gift” missing from him. Right now he is laid up on the couch recovering from a “little surgery”. He won’t tell me where his hiding spots are, so I have to wait until later in the week before he can look! I guess I just have to keep repeating to myself “GOOD THINGS happen to those who wait!” [/SIZE][/FONT]

what a meany! I’d suggest not getting him food while he recups until he tells you where they are!

what torture! i’d suggest making his recovery less than comfortable. :wink:

If that was me, I would be hunting through the house as fast as you can! Every nook and cranny should be searched diligently without him even knowing that you are doing so, and once they are found, don’t tell him you found them muwaaaaaa.

Oh no! :doh: Hope he’s feeling a little better and can find them soon!

Awww, I’d shower him with attention, and make his recovery go as smoothly as possible, so that he’ll get better faster, and you can get your needles sooner!

I thought about not being so nice…but he did buy me a great gift and he did this “little surgery” at my request. :blush: No Man truly would get this done unless he really loves his women! I might be able to convince him to give up one of his hiding spots if I promise a ton of “wifely duties” when he’s healed!

I would have ripped that house apart by now!!!

I wonder if that’s the same ‘Little Surgery’ that my hubby had done for me?! :teehee:

What cruel & unusual punishment!

I’d with hold ALL pain medication til he “remembered”:tap:

I would hold a “lingerie fashion show” in front of him on the couch until he learned about how unbearable delayed gratification can be.:roflhard:

:woohoo:Thanks! That worked! I got it! Now I need to go play with my new gift! Happy Birthday day to me! :woot:

OMG! Did you really?:roflhard:


Congrats on the new needles!:happydance:

that’s hilarious! I have just dyed laughing reading this post. glad you got them. :yay:

:lol: this is a great story!

Hahahaha!! That is so funny!! Happy belated birthday :happydance:

That is toooooooooooo funny :roflhard: :roflhard: What we knitters will do for needles:teehee:

You wicked woman! :roflhard:


:chair: You go girl!