This time it felt really nice to knit

I have had a really busy month (and will have a busy time until December), so I have hardly looked at this forum and I have not been knitting anything.

Yesterday something amazing happened. I was sitting in the sofa and my wife went after my knitting project and gave it to me. I took it up and begun knitting on it again. It felt very nice to knit again but that was not the amazing thing in this story. The amazing thing is that it felt like my wife finally accepted that I am a knitting male. It felt so good for me. She has always told me that she hates when I knit and that it is unmanly to knit.

This might sound like random rambling, but I just wanted to share this because it made me so happy.


Ask her if she has heard of Russell Crowe, Ryan Gosling or David Arquette. All knitters!!! Enjoy whatever keeps u happy!!!



Or your keen wife has noticed a mood change brought on by work stress…

And to paraphrase the US snickers commercial…

"You are not yourself when you are not knitting. "

Ben there. My wife has done and said the same to me. :grinning:


I’m male as well, so this post really struck a cord even as it made me smile. I hope she really has come around!

Our whole class was taught knitting in first grade at the local Waldorf School, so maybe I was conditioned early to believe that knitting was not really a “gendered” craft. In a sense I was lucky that it was never very personal for me, but of course especially as a man I can’t NOT feel sometimes how the stereotypes and biases some people hold about knitting creep into things, even subtly (you know, from things like articles that consistently only refer to knitters as “she”, to youtube videos with inane titles like “the man who knits” [as if there were only one!]).

But to think that several hundred years ago European knitting guilds were exclusively controlled by men who deemed it an inappropriate craft for females! :roll_eyes: I find it so funny how these things go… :smile:


I teach teen knitters as part of a group in the DC area. About two-thirds of the teens are boys who are good at knitting and enjoy the relaxation.


I wish my husband would learn to knit :slight_smile: Then he could make his own sweaters and I could concentrate on making sweaters for myself! :slight_smile:


Being a knitting man I can understand You guys…
I started knitting as a way to relax and keep my hands busy after taking a break from wood carving and not knowing what to do, being retired from the electronics domain.
My wife always knit and having both an artistic and technical mind, my wife asked me quite often for some help to understand knitting patterns. So I kind of learned how to knit by the same token, having to understand before being able to explain things…
She knitted a few socks for me before and one day I asked her if she could knit me a pair.
Well, she told me that I could knit them myself, being busy with a project of her own, telling me that I only needed some practice to knit my own stuff.
I have been knitting regularly since then and even go to some knitting events with my wife.
Nobody ever told me it was unmanly, except from a brother in law, and some women even said that they would be happy if their husbands could knit.
So yes, it must have felt very nice… :wink:


We’ve tried getting my dad to take up knitting - he really needs a proper hobby! Knitster beat me to it, but I was also going to point out that historically, in some places, it was for men only (same with ballet and acting on stage…). In other places, it was something to keep women busy when they had nothing else to get on with, but even then it still wasn’t exclusively something for women to do.
Gender norms need to take a hike!