This Sucks

First: The first pair of socks I made for myself (the 3rd pair I knitted), was involved in a battle with the evil washing machine monster, and didn’t make it out alive. :pout: I posted a pic of it on my BLOG I used a superwash wool to make them (LL shepherd sport) and I washed them in the gentle cycle. I suppose I wore them out to the point where the under toe area was too thin to handle the machine.

Second: I want to sit down and knit. But I can’t. I’ve tried 3 times so far this morning, and each time, I get a row done and then start falling asleep. I’m too tired to knit and it SUCKS. :grrr:

That’s too bad! Maybe this will help. Even if you had to use a different color it’s the part inside the shoe so it wouldn’t really matter.

And now before you attempt it go take a nap! :sleepy: …if you can.

I know how the sock thing is. Except I didn’t use superwash wool. Imagine that.

Just take a nap. Isn’t it better than making a big mistake because you were too tired. Then, you’ll be all ready to knit again. :cheering:


There’s more information on darning socks here: