This stupid question is holding me back

Hi all:

I want to make this:

I have had the pattern since I started knitting 3 years ago and now I know I can do it. My silly trouble is (and this has kept me from making lots of things) I don’t understand how to do a gauge swatch “in pattern”. I’m sure it’s just what it says but do you squash the ribbing down and count or just hold the ruler over the swatch? I have another pattern that says the same thing but it’s a different stitch pattern and I have never started it because I don’t know how to swatch it!!

Any help would be appreciated!


To swatch in pattern I would do a few border stitches and then enough repeats of the pattern to be at least 4" and then end with several border stitches. I would measure for the neckwarmer unstretched. It gives a measurement “at rest” and another stretched out.

I think I never read past the gauge part. My brain froze up, I decided I couldn’t do it and I put it away. Now my neck is cold and I want to make it!

Thanks a bunch!!


Gauge isn’t real critical on this because of the stretchy nature of ribbing, and with this one, I wouldn’t stretch it, just leave it sit naturally. 37sts/4" is a lot of sts for a 5 needle, so it’s probably not stretched out. That would come out to 9 sts/inch or 4 ribs/inch. Something close to that would be fine.

Thanks! I have this one hank of misti alpaca sock yarn that I don’t want to make socks out of. I want to make a cowl for myself because I am always cold during the winter. I made “Balsam” and I like it but it’s not tight enough. I may just try to modify Balsam for fingerling weight but then I only have one skein. We’ll see…

Thanks for the info. The other pattern is a sweater I want to knit but it’s got gauge info “in pattern” which was holding me back. That and it is going to cost me a fortune to make it with the yarn I want to use…but mostly the gauge-ing. I’m terrible at it because I am lazy about it. I read EZ’s commentary on gauge swatching and I just laugh, it’s like she is wagging her finger at ME!

Thanks, I’ll make it my new year’s resolution to be a better swatcher!