This sort of goes with a "finishing confession"

I think I do okay weaving in my ends, but what about that pesky end that pokes out days later? What the heck do you do with these pesky little things. Why can’t it poke itself from the inside? Oh no, it always pokes out the right side… Any suggestions?

Here’s a trick I learned. When I am done weaving in my ends, I pull the end taut and then snip it really close to the work. If you do that, since you stretch the yarn out, when you snip it, it will spring back and disappear into the knitted fabric.

I’ve found one and only one thing that works reliably over all yarn types, especially the slippery ones. Weave. Needle. Thread. Sew the end of the yarn down inside to the other yarn.

With wool and other natural fibres, you can often felt the ends together. With acrylics and such, I have to resort to weaving and then sewing, if I want to be absolutely sure the ends will stay hidden.